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WWE Brawl game has ‘cartoon feel’

by Steve Watts

THQ is plunging ahead with its WWE property, bringing a new game that will be tie in with an animated series. GameSpot reports that WWE Brawl is due out for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii next year. The game is aiming for a “Saturday morning cartoon feel,” which will include super powers and wrestlers fighting outside the ring.

The game promises destructible environments with over-the-top moves and “exotic” character back stories. WWE is preparing a marketing blitz surrounding the WWE Brawl brand, which will include the game, Mattel toy line, clothing, and an animated series.

The announcement actually came quietly in April at the WWE Global Business Partners summit, which included a teaser-trailer for the game. The teaser clip just recently surfaced on YouTube, giving us a better look at the title.

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