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Why is ‘camping’ so ‘hated’ in gaming?


Alright time to get down to the bottom of why gamers hate ‘camping’. I know a lot of gamers will love to speak on this matter so LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD.

First off, this is to promote community talk about a subject that has been unaddressed  for some time now. We can finally get out all of our emotions on the matter and express our frustrations. Look at this as your letter to the ‘campers’. Will anybody out there be bold enough to defend ‘camping’? We’ll see. Here’s what I say:

I for one do not hate the concept of ‘camping’ as much as the next gamer, the sheer anger I hear about ‘camping’  I can’t relate to, or wait… maybe I can! If  it’s anything like ‘throwing’ in the Streetfighter series then yeah I can relate. Before I move on I want to say I love the fact that a community can come together and have an understanding about “unwritten rules” and absolute “no-no’s” in gaming to the point that it spreads worldwide.

In my attempt to play “gamers advocate” I could argue that it’s in the game for a reason, and more importantly developers put it there for you to use! You don’t use snipers to “run and gun!!!” you use snipers to snipe!!! Especially in tactical games. I could also argue where’s the room for strategy if everybody is expected to “run and gun”? Which seems a bit A.D.D-ish to me.  Why put modes like Elimination? Where you can’t just run out reckless because it’s one and done and stakes are higher, what about adding realism to the game? — in real life, in war you don’t run and gun, so why do it in the game, especially if that game is encouraging real life tactics. But all I could hear is “it doesn’t display skill” and it” slows the game down” (Is that a good enough argument? I’ll let you decide). But the absolute biggest reason why I may not be able to defend it  is because the Streetfighter parrallel keeps poking me, didn’t the developers put throwing in the game, couldn’t that be used as a part of strategy?

So even though I don’t hate the concept of  ‘camping’ I can empathize with those that do because everyone who is an avid Streetfighter player knows that ‘throwing’ is on the top of  the ‘most hated’ list.

So why is ‘camping’ so ‘hated’ in gaming? Do you stand on the side of I-hate-‘camping’? Or do you actually see the other side,where there’s room for a “camping style’ of gameplay? CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. From the perspective of people being “camped on” I believe its like this. You are going along playing the game how it’s supposed to be played and without notice you are killed by some guy hidden in the shadows or on a rooftop.

    You feel cheated and mad at yourself that you didn’t see it coming.

    If games imitate real life then a camper is nothing more than a sniper. A sniper is fair in war and both parties already assume that the other side has them.

    So the disconnect is where people believe that camping is an unfair gaming practice because it’s sneaky and underhanded. But then again so is chucking 5 grenades into a room filled with other players right??

    I personally do camp for short periods of time. I don’t do it often because you never know who will teleport behind you. Also, once you’ve been branded as a camper everyone else playing will work together to kill you.

    I play Quake 3 Arena by the way.

  2. Here’s my honest two cents on the ordeal… It’s more as you previously said than anything else… “It’s in the game for a reason”. It wouldn’t be considered cheating if a person were good with an M16/run/gun tactics on MWF, yet its cheating when someone uses the same gun from a prone and hidden position, but at the end of the day he used the same crosshairs to put you down, you just had less of a chance to exact revenge.

    This culminates the feeling of being cheated, or sucker punched. However in reality you only have yourself to blame for coming around that corner a tad-bit too quickly. I think as with all things in life good games take all kinds, and this includes campers and frequent throwers.

    My opinion has a bottom line. If someone continues to do the same things, why can’t we as human beings adjust? I don’t fear campers… I camp them.

  3. let me give you a little scenario of one of my most recent game play in MW3… im running and gunning killing dudes like CRAZY. that’s because i have an assault rifle with a silencer and a red dot scope. i have a SIX KILL STREAK oh wait now seven ( i just snuck up on a dude and knifed him). i stop and crouch down by a corner…nothing. good im clear. i run out and BLAM…IM DEAD “how did that happen!!?” i yell. when i look at the kill cam i see that he was hiding behind some bushes roasting marshmallows before he shot me. “what a coward” i tell myself.

    i know its in the game and he got me. i should have been MORE careful. If he was a sniper i would’ve forgiven him but he wasn’t. i still ended up with a 35 kill and 15 death win but i don’t like campers and i don’t camp.

    camping is not cheating it’s sneaky and tricky. to be honest with you, you have to have some good skills to camp. it’s not easy and takes some time getting use to the stages and hiding spots. it’s like an unwritten rule. for example, im a huge Street Fighter fan and im really good just ask scholla lol. ever since street fighter was in the arcades it was a rule you don’t throw. YOU JUST DON’T DO IT. it was easy to pull off and it takes a lot of your energy. if you kept on throwing your opponent you would get punched in the face and it would be deemed justified( i don’t believe in punching people it’s wrong). you had to use your skills to win. and if you threw someone by accident, you would have to let them throw you back just to be fair…wow memories lol. i don’t know who came up with this rules but it’s just something that most gamers follow. who wants to play a game of hide and seek in MW3? it’s boring, dull and takes the fun out of the game or fight someone who just throws you…and wins?

    camping takes a little fun out of the game. i say do a little bit of both. just don’t sit in a bush or by some tight corner crossing your fingers for someone to come by and get a kill. your not going to get better just by camping and as gamers we all want to get better right?

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