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Why are still so few games in 1080p?



It’s nearing the end of  2011 gamers and what is it  like, going on 5-6 years into this gaming generation, I guess depending on the system you own. So why in the world are there still soooo few games in 1080p. Here’s some questions I asked myself.



  • Are developers lazy?
  • Does it cost too much?
  • Was it a marketing ploy?
  • Does it even make much of a difference?
  • Is to do 1080p mean something else has to get sacrificed?

What is it? I don’t get it. This article is not to give my opinion per say and state why this is the case. I’m actually really asking the gaming community, I’m really baffled by this, this is a real question. At first it was easier to defend,  it was like,oh the generation is just beginning so give it a pass, but now I don’t see it having any excuse. Wasn’t  a big  reason for building these systems with those specs, was so that we could enjoy games in glorious 1080p?  I feel hood-winked, bamboozled, led astray.

Didn’t both  Microsoft and Sony  at E3 (definitely Sony) boast 1080p games? I think Sony even said that this would be standard, 1080p — 60 frames per second gaming, just like it’s Blu-ray counterpart. But not only did we get so few 1080p games, we get a bunch of 720p games and in some cases games in sub HD!

I don’t get why if 1080p  makes games look better, if the current-gen systems are capable then why not take advantage of the technology? Wouldn’t that be wasting this whole generations potential? We may very well get through this whole generation without their being consistent 1080p gaming. How is it at  the very least Triple A titles don’t come shipped in 1080p? Imagine games like Uncharted 3 and  Gears of  War 3 in 1080p. Even games like God of War 3, Heavy Rain and L.A. Noire in 1080p.  And I most certainly don’t understand why all sports games are not 1080p standard.

So gaming community I really need your help, all you tech heads and gamers who have vast knowledge on this topic, please share your wisdom. Heck! Even developers need to share their thoughts. End this 5-6 year old secret so we can move on with our lives.  CCU wants to hear from you. Thanks in Advance —  SchollA–ControllUs– Out!

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  1. Are you completely brain dead? Do you really have the audacity to write a videogame article? You call yourself a gamer? Idiot. Let me lay it out in simpleton terms then perhaps you can grasp this concept. Ready?…

    The difference between 720p and 1080p is roughly 1 MILLION pixels and 2 MILLION pixels respectfully, thus meaning, the hardware has double the load of displaying each VBI of the screen which, in most cases, is 1/30th of a second on consoles. It has nothing to do with development costs, time, or laziness all it pertains to is restricting the pixel count of the output image to then yield more available processing power to be consumed on other graphical eye candy. Any and all cross platform games that are released on PC can be displayed at a resolution of 2560×1600 and beyond which is DOUBLE that of a 1080p resolution.

    • Wow you really went in on me huh? the purpose of this article wasn’t so you could count the pixels for me.The purpose of this article was to question Sony and Microsoft’s integrity that their machines that they put out could produce 1080p gaming,but has not really come thru.And that maybe someone could shed light and give them and excuse as to why they havn’t come thru. if ur hinting that it could be done but would have to sacrifice something,if u read that was 1 of my questions,but then I have to point to Metal Gear Solid 4 and refute that.

  2. ^^^^^ Um i think he was asking, no need to be rude!

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