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What I learned about the PS Vita (Tip)


For all you PS Vita owners and potential owners as well as PS3 owners I learned something interesting that you may want to check out. Some of you may know some of you may not know — especially those that don’t currently own a PS Vita.

While looking for a PSN friend I came across something interesting. I was looking and looking for this particular person and couldn’t find him. Did I delete him by accident? Did he delete me?  I knew his last sign in was not to long ago, so it didn’t make sense. I finally found him he was way at the bottom of my friends list as to indicate he was signed out but it didn’t have typical  “sign out”  properties. No trophy information, no last sign in prompt info. So what was going on?

The PSN friend actually messaged me and then it all made sense, he was playing his PS Vita! How do I know that? Well the message went something like this:

“Sent from my PS Vita system using Group Messaging”.

This indicated to me that he was indeed online, but wasn’t on his PS3 per se but actually on his Vita communicating with me through there.

So next time your looking for your friend and can’t find him, don’t fret, just scroll all the way down your PSN list and you might just find him/her playing their PS VIta!

Remember communication is the key. Was this helpful? CCU wants to hear from you.

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