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What are your top 5 favorite console games of this generation?

As the uncertain future of next generation consoles comes nearer, I thought it would be nice to see what have been the games that made gaming for us these past 5-6 years. To make it interesting, I’m only going to make one top 5…so every console game, even exclusives, must be chosen and put into only one list. This will show what the best of the best was. Also, if you want, describe why you chose the 5 games. There are certainly good reasons for the best 5 games of your  choice.

Remember, no ports!(sorry, Wii owners…RE4 and Okami, among others, don’t count). Have fun, and let’s remember one heck of an amazing…and evolving generation!

5. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
I only played one Call of Duty( Call of Duty 3) on the Wii before I played this amazing game. I was completely blown away. The campaign was easily the most epic, intense and exhilirating of any shooter I have ever played(even to this day). Every level was a thrill-ride, and you never knew where you’d go next. Modern Warfare never relented. This is only backed by it’s brilliant multiplayer, which let’s be honest, is probably the best of any shooter ever made. Experience points earned for everything you do? Challenges to compliment the fact? Perks? More then 10,000 people still play it on XBL alone…a testament to how well done the game truly is. If you only could have one shooter, this is it.

4. Super Mario Galaxy
Mario may not change the fundamentals of his games, but he exudes an unmatched creativity.  This goes unchallenged in his Wii debut. The Wii doesn’t have great graphical capability, but most people shut their trap when they saw this beautiful game in motion. Add in some of the best music in gaming history, and you have a
presentation that is all but unmatched. But these are only bonus’. Galaxy has
some amazing, creative moments. It’s hard to describe the experience that you
get when you play this game, so I won’t try. But just know that you won’t know
what to expect with each level…something not many games can say. Mario may not
be the icon he once was, but believe me, this game sits with the best of them.
There is no platformer in recent memory that comes close.

3. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
If there is any game on my list that can be called perfect, it’s this game. I can’t think of any single bad thing, even petty, to say about this amazing game. It obviously has great grahics, but the real star is the gameplay. There is just so much to it. With hundreds of different weapon possibilites, there is no fight you can’t win. But many won’t even try, as the stealth aspect is unmatched. Having a full camo suit that
changes with each environment was pure brilliance. Add in incredible boss
fights, a deep story and what is possibly the most in-depth multiplayer ever
created…and you have the most fully-featured game available on the market. The
reason to own a PS3, and the reason you became a gamer in the first place. MGS4
embodies all of it.

2. Batman: Arkham Asylum
I have beaten this game over a dozen times. In it’s whole entirety. This is how addictive and masterful this game is to me. Rocksteady took a cursed gaming series, and not only washed all of it away and made AA become one of the most beloved games of all time, it has become an icon to all licensed-property games. For good reason, too. The graphics are beautiful, and the art direction is simply unmatched. Once you check in to this asylum, you won’t want to leave. But, it also has the best fighting mechanice in recent memory, proving a time based challenge that is easy to understand but difficult to master. You will look like an unstoppable BA when you master it. But there is more. It has a Metroid-like world, filled with secrets, from riddler trophies to some genuis riddles, as well as audio-tapes from everyones favorite villians. Top it off with incredible, and I mean INCREDIBLE voice work, and you have a gamer’s game wrapped in love and absolute polish. You must play this game.

1. Mass Effect
What can I say…Mass Effect was far ahead of it’s time. Games had done player choice before, but Mass Effect made it what it is today. Everything you said affected
your reputation, and every choice you made had very real consequences…and more
amazing, has such a far reach that both Mass Effect 2 and 3 will be affected by
your choices, however small. Whether a story mission or one of several side
missions, everything you did mattered. But beyond this, the gameplay was beyond
immsersive. Thousands of possible armor, weapon and grenade variants that you
constantly changed thanks to an addictive loot system. Exploration was also
amazing, thanks to dozens of planets to explore, each with actual missions, as
well as lore and other goodies to find. Add in great graphics, fantastic music
and an immersive story, and no other game has made you feel more important. This
is the game that will make you realize just what gaming has done to transcend
the media. If you haven’t played it yet, I absolutely implore you to do so. This
is not a game you can miss.

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  1. wow, Batman made it in the Top 5!! What about Street Fighter 4?

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