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Want Early Access to the Resident Evil 6 Demo?

Want to know how to gain EARLY¬†access to the RE6 demo? Here’s how:

Apparently Gamestop is offering a deal that will get you early access to the Resident Evil 6 demo. All you have to do is purchase Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma (available now) and you will receive a code giving you access to the demo of Capcom’s upcoming horror title due out October 2,2012 (Right before Halloween–nice!) it’s that simple.

If you like Dragon’s Dogma and are a RE6 fan, were going to purchase the title anyway, and can’t wait, this seems like a sweet deal! For others possibly on the fence about Dragon’s Dogma or not sure what it is, this may be an opportunity for you to look into it.

Unfortunately this deal is Exclusive to the Xbox 360, so PS3 owners will just have to wait.

Not sure if the demo you will play is the one that was shown at E3 or a brand new build, but either way it should give you a good idea on how the game will “feel” and play.

The deal will last as long as supplies. So run out to your local GameStop and take advantage.

Will you be purchasing Dragon’s Dogma for early access to the Resident Evil 6? CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. Funny thing is i bought Dragon’s Dogma without even realizing the RE6 demo was on it lol love RE series and im so far loving Dogma

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