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Twisted Metal: Demo upcoming — Online Pass included

Good news for Twisted Metal fans, you’ll be able to try it before you buy it regarding the upcoming Twisted Metal.

Eat Sleep Play’s ‘David Jaffe, creator and game designer of the Twisted Metal Series confirms this, also noting that the demo will be online-enabled and will utilize the Online Pass which if your not familiar usually means if you don’t purchase a particular game title brand new there will be a fee associated with your used purchase to gain any kind of online access. How this fits in the upcoming demo, not sure (hopefully it’s just for the ¬†full retail release). Jaffe also apologizes to his fans in advance because he himself is not a fan of the practice.

Twisted Metal will be releasing Feb 14, 2012 Valentines Day exclusively for the PlayStation 3. For a gamer that could be the perfect present to receive from your love on “love day”. Will you be trying out the demo? Will you pick up a full retail copy? CCU wants to hear from you.

Source: Shacknews

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