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Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Review

The Transformers have been around for quite some time. Derived from a Japanese toy line called Dia-clone and Micro Man toy lines in Japan, and adjusted to make the now well known Transformers Generation one toy line which started it all. They have stood the test of time and been the heroes of young boys and men alike. Most recently with the success of the modern live action movies and updated cartoons the Transformers have made a strong come back. For those newbies who have no clue about them: The Transformers are a sentient group of robots comprised of the Auto-bots (heroes) and the Decepticons (villains) locked in an eternal struggle which revolves not only around a struggle for the power source known as Energon, but also for dominance of the universe. It’s a battle that to me never gets old.


Let’s start off with the visual fair of this title. The thing that makes them “robots in disguise” is their ability to present themselves to the optics. In this game that is done more than well. I have always been a fan of the G1 series, but even though that is my favorite version the Transformers had to start out somewhere, and in this game that is on their home world of Cybertron.

Let me say this “The visual design team nails every robot to a tee!” With most of the major players present, they look as you would hope they would. The main hero and who we all come to love: Optimus Prime is present in full glory. It doesn’t end there though. Bumble Bee, Jazz, Cliff Jumper, Megatron, Star Scream, and even the Combaticons are all represented in oh so wonderful beauty. They move like robots, look like robots, and transform like wonders of nature. Particularly the Decepticons who fly, are awesome to watch maneuver and transform to their alternate form.

The backgrounds in the game of which are presented to be on their home planet of Cybertron are wonderful most times, but are dull at other times. An example of a great time is in which one of the beginning stages where MetroPlex, a huge Auto-bot who transforms from a city mode to a huge robot accompanies Optimus through the stage in the background and is helping along the way. It’s awesome to watch this work. Lesser times are in stages where Jazz has to fight off repetitive robot warriors. This isn’t the likes of Metal Gear, Heavenly Sword, Bio-shock, or Heavy Rain, but it more than gets the job done.


Even though there are many stories behind these brilliant robots this particular story continues the one set up in the games predecessor Transformers: War for Cybertron. The Auto-bots and Decepticons are back on their home world of Cybertron and are now locked in a bitter war. The Auto-bots want peace and although they are formidable fighters they are losing the war. They decide to retreat to another world (Earth) where they can seek alternate forms of Energon. The Decepticons led by the awesome Megatron seek to not only crush this plan, but to piggy back off of it and capitalize.

In Fall of Cybertron we see our heroes preparing to leave the planet, but are interrupted by the villains. You go back and re-live the trip up to the point of leaving the planet. Optimus and his band of Auto-bots must fight off wave after wave of Decepticons who seek to thwart there fleeing of the home world. The difference between the first game and this one is that you no longer play two different sides in two different campaigns, but instead you must switch back and forth between chapters and also between Auto-bots and Decepticons to tell the whole story. To me this is better as you get a well rounded story, and at the same time achieves an epic view of the story. Boy is this story epic in scope, and ties together so well.

While the gameplay is simple and straight forward it has all you need. Transformers move when and where you tell them to go. The button presses are responsive and work well. Special abilities fit almost every robot you control to a tee. With the exceptions of thee oh so AWESOME DINOBOTS (Grim lock) the abilities assigned to most transformers are not only appropriate, but satisfying as well. Jazz has a grappling hook, Cliff Jumper can go stealth, and the cool as heck Combaticons not only have separate abilities, but combine to form Bruticus with his own special attacks. It may get repetitive to pull switches all the time, but it also keeps things simple and in prospective. You won’t ever feel out of control or overwhelmed, but you may feel things are too simple though. Transforming is a breeze and is relegated to the ever scarce L3 button press of hitting the left analog stick in on either the Xbox or PS3. For the Decepticons this feels important as flying being their main staple gives you a depth not lived through the ground based Auto-bots. Falling out of the sky and to a point of no return? Simply transform to your vehicle mode (like Starscream’s jet form) and blast off to not only save your hide, but look cool doing it.

The sounds deliver in a major way with this title. The shooting while battling on each side is done well. The robots talking to each other whether to allies or the opposing sides berating each other it’s all good to the ears. Guns blaze, and transforming sounds come across well. Some lines are lifted from the 80’s movie and others are blended just fine. The most pleasant and well placed sound is the voice of Optimus Prime which is enough to get any fan-boy pumped up. The music of the game is forgettable though. You won’t be humming any special tunes or wishing you could hear the tunes again. The end song is great though and is lifted from the 80’s movie so that is great. Overall the sound department gives you what you need, but not all that you may want.

The replay of this game is low to moderate. After you play the campaign once you can go back and get the good or bad ending depending on which side you took in first, but other than that there isn’t much need to go back and play this title a second or third time unless you are just in love with the franchise like that.

This mode is very simple and straight forward, but thankfully through the joy of Downloadable Content (DLC) you have access to a wide array of characters from the Transformers universe albeit it will cost you. You play a horde form mode where you must work co-operatively with other players to take down CPU controlled characters wave after wave. Four different classes are available to you, and you can either play as pre-made robots or make your own hero or villain. While fun this can get a little tiresome. My advice is to take this one as it comes.

If you are a fan of this series then you will definitely want to play and or own this title. If not it’s worth a good borrow or rental to play through it; If not don’t bother. While the idea of transforming robots may not appeal to everyone, it will kindle the nostalgia in a certain few. If you take this game for all that it’s worth then you will like it. It’s a game that doesn’t take itself seriously and delivers just what you NEED. I’d have to give this game a solid 7.5 out of 10. Nothing more and nothing less; Transformers: Fall of Cybertron has enough to get you going, but may not have enough to keep you in disguise LOL. Thank you for reading people.


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