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Top 5 things I NEED fixed for Metal Gear Solid V

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots;  just finished like my 3rd or 4th playthrough recently and aside from seeing a new potential hero being born, I noticed there are things in this game I would love to see fixed. This comes as a surprise to me because I thought this masterpiece by Hideo Kojima was perfect, didn’t need any fixing and could continue on as is, but not so fast.

Here is my Top 5 things I need fixed:

5 – Guns Sounds

The sound of guns going off in MGS4 — which I use as my reference to formulate this entire list don’t sound official they sound a little on the light side and don’t mimic anything realistic. Whether it’s a machine gun or handgun there is a lack of authenticity missing to make a spectacular game more spectacular which actually surprises me seeing as how anal Kojima is with the extraordinary attention he pays to detail.

4 -Gun Reticle

Speaking of guns, I don’t like the gun reticle; how it looks as well as how it reacts, although different it just doesn’t give me a skilled shooters feel and is waaay to wide in my opinion, it doesn’t even vary from gun to gun which may have brought it some justification but in MGSV I would like to see this changed.

3 – Gun/Body positioning 

Can you tell I wasn’t to pleased with the gun representation? I don’t like the gun positioning in MGS4 for MGSV it needs to be in more view of the camera. When Snake is wielding or shooting, his  body basically blocks the the entire gun, a fix to move the guns in better view so I the gamer could see the entire gun would be welcomed.

Side note* I’m already worried about this particular fix because it’s already been shown in the gameplay demo of MGS: Ground Zeroes to be more or less the same (fast forward and pause at 10:50 and 11:13 to see what I mean). Here’s hoping this reaches Kojima’s eyes and he sincerely considers tweaking it.

2 – CQC

CQC which stands for Closed Quarters Combat is way to stiff, it needs more athleticism with a free flowing feel like how it’s displayed in the cutscenes, throwing in more free flowing knife work as well. For MGS4 it almost could’ve been explained off because of Snakes old age until I did see said cutscenes — no excuses for MGSV.

1 – More Animations

This may be a nex-gen request but if it could be done this gen so be it; no more walking over guns and it just magically appearing in my artillery vest, I want to see Snake pick up the gun, secure the gun in his vest and put the gun in it’s appropriate holding place. Same with ammo, ammo goes in ammo pouch. When changing clothes it should show him putting on the clothes from beginning to end — again no more just magically appearing on the body.

Overall there should be no “skipped” animations every movement should be accounted for as I’m a big fan of immersion. On a side but very important note no more carrying 500 guns, no one man carries that much artillery on his body, how does 500 guns fit in a tiny pouch? If anything have an explanation, pulling out a RPG at will especially in a sneaking mission doesn’t make sense — mission wise (logically) or physically ain’t that thing heavy? It just doesn’t seem appropriate for someone that’s constantly on the move to be carrying that thing. Let RPG’s and other similar weaponry be mission specific and then discarded when your done.

Well, those are my Top 5 things I need fixed for Metal Gear Solid V, do you want similar fixes? Do you have other fixes you want to add to the list?

CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. What needs to be fixed? No David Hayter

    • True, True lmbooo but I could live w/o him at least on this one as it seems this one is focused on Big Boss.

      But who knows Kojima could be up to his antics and Hayter is in V after all.

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