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Top 5 needed Skyrim Mods: Requested by the Skyrim community

Ok so I thought that since I did my own “Top 5 needed Skyrim Mods” shown here. I should see what the people had to say about this topic. Here are theirĀ answers.

Also I’m going to list the top mods that they have asked for. These are in no particular order and if you feel like you want to have a say in this, feel free to comment. CCU wants to hear from you.

Here’s the list:

Hardcore Survival Mode


“Hardcore Mode” in this fashion was first shown in Fallout New Vegas. In this mode realism was taken to the next level for players. Players had to make sure they slept enough, ate enough, and drunk enough water to survive the Mohave Desert. In Skyrim people want this plus more like having to warm themselves up in the harsh cold. Skyrim does have a lot of potential for this mod so we will see how this one goes.

More Quests

With the Creation Kit on it’s way there is no doubt that modders will use these tools to create their own quests that they have put much thought into — probably even before Skyrim’s release. So with the power to create a new quest, with new creatures, and voice acting for dialogue, I think we will see some quests that will rival quests from the developers themselves.

More Armor

When playing as a Warrior there is nothing like upgrading your armor to something bigger and better. So far there has been some really good armor mods but they are only retextures. When the Creation kit comes out there will be stand alone armor added into new dungeons, vendors, and even quests. So be on the lookout for some new armor that will become addictive.

Better Magic

I myself haven’t really dabbled in magic yet being that my current character is a warrior. But I will say that there is a lot of potential for new magic spells being added into the game via mods. I wouldn’t even be surprised if we saw a mod that allows wizards to fly on there broomsticks, call it Harry Skyrim.

Better Cities

Better Cities and more cities are the mods that will make Skyrim feel even more alive than ever. I personally would like to see random encounters within the city walls, such as a random murder and the criminal being taken away to prison. From a visual standpoint modders can really accomplish whatever their mind imagines.

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