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The RESOLUTION will not be televised — When will 1080p gaming become standard?

So it’s 2012 and still no sign of 1080p. 1080p where are you? And while your at it can you bring 60 frames per second along with you.


THE RESOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED — literally, or will it? Everything points to  it’s not a question of if,  but when. The most logical and common answer maybe next generation — since we are on the “back end” of this generation and most analysts are predicting next-gen consoles in the next 2-3 years. It also maybe “reaching” to say that a influx of 1080p titles will just start flooding the market all of sudden with the generation coming to a close, (if you believe that) but  it also does not guarantee us a smooth transition into the next-gen either. Next generation you say? Not so fast.

You see we all thought 1080p would dominate this generation and 720p or under would be the minority, and we all invested in the best  1080p HD TV’S we could afford to back that theory, but  it’s the exact opposite. In  6-7 years 720p still dominates the market. Sure we knew at the time of our purchases that 1080p wasn’t the rule, but just like how many PS3 early adopters felt about the exclusives and games in general that were absent “It’s coming” was our answer to that.  Fast forward…you know the rest. Now the latter delivered, the former not so much. Will we be bamboozled again?

 Wipeout — yet another 1080p rarity

1080p gaming probably represents 10% of all titles (that maybe very generous) and in a world where our latest gaming consoles boast of having 1080p capabilities well…that number is unexplainable and unacceptable. Games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Wipeout and Ninja Gaiden Sigma represent a few titles (that I own) that  are in glorious 1080p, that number should be a little higher — just a little. In the case of the Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 was dropped down to 720p! Tecmo and Team Ninja couldn’t even maintain 1080p in their own series! God of War 3 — one of my favorites was even rumored to be showcased in 1080p only to later release in 720p themselves.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma – Why aren’t there more of you 1080p? 

I wrote an article last year on “why are still so few games in 1080p?”  now this year I’m asking when will 1080p gaming become standard?” We may just have to wait till next, next-gen and even if we don’t, even if we indeed have it for next generation how far into the next-gen will we have to wait? Will this be day one? Will it be standard for both systems? Remember I said standard — not more often.

What are your thoughts? CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. 1080p will not become stantard because it’d require far too much processing power to maintain a decent framerate on.

    also, mgs4 isn’t 1080p lol. It’s not even 720p.It runs in 1024×768 which is then upscaled to 1080p by ps3. This is a very common trend with this generation.


    • Ur breaking my heart! My beloved MGS4 NOT 1080P! Lie to me why dont u.

      • This is itself in actually an indication why a game doesn’t need to be 1080p. One complains about one thing they clearly cannot tell nor obviously has no complete understanding over.

        • It wasn’t necessarily a complaint just an observation.

          Really what I wanted to know is when we’ll be able to take full advantage of the technology we have in front of us.

          And on the contraire…if what I’m viewing is not 1080p then imagine if it was wow!

  2. Games in 1080p would be nice, but take uncharted 3,for example.
    Would people prefer 1080 resolution, with low res textures, or 720p, with high detailed textures? We could even have 6000×4000 resolutions, but would we have all the effects and textures and everything we can find in our games, today ? I don’t think so.

    Of course, I would be more than happy to have my games match my native tv resolution. But like everything, there’s always a price to pay.
    Honestly, on the ps4, If I can choose between textures, lighting and effects 20 times better than uncharted 3,at 720p, or only 4 or 5 times better, at 1080p, I will definitely choose the lower resolution.

    Resolution isn’t everything. We can pick an old vhs camera, make a small movie, with only 200 lines, and not a single game, no matter the resolution used, will match its colors, lights, etc.

    1080p everything : only if no loss in quality.

  3. MGS was not native 1080p. It was 1024*768 upscaled to 1080p.

    • See my mgsfan comment…unbelievable they were one of the few games that boasted 1080p capability…smh.

  4. Hate to break it to the xbox fanboys but the 360 isn’t even capable of doing true 1080p let alone anything above dolby digital sound. The PS3 can actually do true 1080p and there are a few retail games that actually do it the rest are all DL titles. Everything on the 360 is upscaled EVERYTHING, I own both consoles but so fanboy I dont think so I just don’t need to dilute myself into thinking that either can do something that they clearly cannot. I give Sony credit for their console atleast being able to do it true 1080 and 7.1 audio and not everything upscaled like MS

  5. MGS4 is not 1080p, just take the box turn it around and read it, it clearly says 720p.

    • no it clearly says 1080p i have the box right here besides when u play it automatically jumps to 1080p automatically unlike other games.

    • Starring at the back of the MGS4 case right now.

      Supported HD Video Output: 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p.


      • Yep, it does mention those specs but it’s just sayn what it supports, doesn’t mean squat…first you say it doesn’t say 1080p it says 720p then you ramble off 4 different resolutions…lmboooo…with dat logic MGS4 runs in 480p then! who’s really the noob? lmbooooo

        • Try reading the poster name before replying.

  6. Look, everybody concerned with my statements about certain games being 1080p, it was not a absolute statement, I was more going with what was advertised and what my tv screen says. Do developers false advertise sure! That’s not the point.

    Speaking of false advertisement and the point you guys need to focus more on the issue at hand which is 1080p gaming is non existent which means our TV’s and machines (mind you that we went a whole generation w/o) that advertise 1080p are not the end result.

    Even bigger than that no one answers when u think we will see 1080p. Yall choose to focus on these 3 little games. I rather you say “MGS4 is not 1080p” cool good to know, then follow it up with “I think will see 1080p — fill in the blank” than just leaving a blanketed statement wrapped up in a insult.

  7. Well I don’t think 1080p will become standard next generation but my bet is 30%-40% of games will be supporting 1080p. Nintendo has hinted WiiU will he able to handle 1080p considering rumors are it will be 5x the power of 360. Its a no grained that all three next generation consoles will be 1080p comparable.

  8. 60 fps isn’t needed for smooth gaming, its hard to tell if its 60fps or 30 fps unless you look at a side by side comparison.

    1080p is a pretty big jump from 720p. but why would you think this gen would be about 1080p did you think suddenly the 360 would double processing power?

    next gen will probably be 1080p 30fps majority, some games might be 4k but will be super rare.. some will be 50-60fps also.
    when a new console comes out they rival high end PC’s so what ever the PC standard is next year is what consoles will most likely be.
    since PC right now is mostly about 1080p that’s the best guess. (very few gfx cards can run more then 1080p smoothly)

  9. Very few games this gen are 1080p. What it says on the box mentions the resolutions the game will correctly scale to. MGS4 isn’t even full 720p but scales to 1080p. 360 has a dedicated scaler so scales every game to 1080p. To find out native resolutions you need to visit sites like Digital Foundry and Beyond 3D. If 1080p and 60fps really matter to you then get a gaming PC.

  10. Pretty terrible article overall, little to none research behind it.

    Metal Gear Solid 4 is as stated before running a native resolution of 1024×768 and is then scaled to whatever output it supports up to 1080p. It’s the same case with Ninja Gaiden Sigma, running natively at 1280×720 and is then scaled to 1080p.

    This is the case with pretty much every game supporting 1080p on the PlayStation 3, with a few rare expectations that doesn’t look any better then typical native 720p games. I’m actually fairly sure WipEout HD runs at 1440×1080. Everything comes down to what is presented on the screen, if it looks great in 720p or a lower resolution, it will only look or run worse in 1080p with the same hardware.

    The Xbox 360 can do native 1080p in games, I remember Virtua Tennis 3 being one of those rare gems that does this. The statement that we might suddenly see a lot of games running in 1080p is completely insane and will not happen with the current hardware, the current hardware is not capable of outputting games that visually benefits from running in this resolution, along with the fact that far from everyone who owns the current HD consoles owns a TV capable of showing 1080p signals and a lot of people can’t even view 720p yet. There is simply no reason to support 1080p as a standard for gaming on the current consoles.

    The scaling chip in the Xbox 360 is actually quite good and ensures that every game ever made for that console can be output as a 1080p signal for proper scaling on your TV. Some PlayStation 3 games actually suffer from improper scaling to 1080p since there isn’t any unified way to do that on the PS3 and other games needs to use the internal scaler of the TV in order to be showed on the entirety of the screen, these internal scalers aren’t always good.

    Everything comes down to what is on your screen at the end if the day, these games running in resolutions way lower then 1080p apparently look so good that you thought this is what 1080p games looks like. You are just using the logic of higher being better and that logic is very flawed here.

    Another thing is that you are incredibly rude towards the people who have commented on the numerous flaws and lack of knowledge on the things you talk about, don’t make statements you dont even know is true.

    This is the first time I see this site and I will for sure be avoiding it if this is quality of the content being offered here.

  11. First, if i offended you that wasn’t the goal, Im not sure why u mentioned i was being rude…who was I rude too? If your talking about Mike then I was just poking fun…he kept calling me a noob for not having my facts but he ironically didnt have his facts.

    Second, very good information I appreciate your feedback, as well as everyone elses but I have to correct you on a few things.

    1. I thought “this is what 1080p games looks like” No doubt the games look amazing but I based 1080p off of developers advertisment and what the TV screen projects rather than a comparison nod. I know if their using an “internal scaler” that’s still different than me manually scaling it up to 1080p.

    2. I’m using logic “Higher is better” that was not true, I know there are more factors in why one game could look better than another and resolution is not the “end all be all” but if you think about it logically, if all cylinders meaning technology is being used to it’s fullest 1080p should trump 720p everytime.

    Thanks again for your comments and I hope this clears it up.

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