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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — New details from OXM

New details on the upcoming Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have emerged and is reporting that a ton of  info has been revealed by way of OXM (Official Xbox Magazine).

Here are the quotes they gathered from both OXM and OPM (Official PlayStation Magazine):

First, here are the new details from OPM:

When the author was fighting a group of 3 bandits after defeating the first 2 the third tried to run away.

Necromancers can resurrect chickens and harvest their eggs.

He also states that while fighting a necromancer “he summons a khajiit warrior.” He does not say whether he is resurrecting this warrior or if he actually conjured him?

When you level up you get 10 points to add to health, magicka, or stamina.

Stolen horses run away.

Spriggans can heal themselves after you think they are dead (fetal position).

A town guard stops the player at a gate of a town and makes him pay for the horse he stole earlier.

Bandits roll a boulder at the player from a bridge. — We don’t have the new screenshots just yet, but a description of the images is floating around. Here’s what the magazine shared (OXM):

1. The first is of a dragon in flight shooting flames at the player. The player is shooting an arrow at the dragon. The article points out the scale of the dragon saying that it dwarfs the buildings that are underneath the dragon.

2. Shows the player using alchemy equipment from the 3rd person perspective. in the device is a green liquid and gas. The player is hunched over a mortar and pestal. He is wearing a blue/purple robe and a greyish hood which drapes over his shoulders and back a bit.

3. The third is of a female player in the horned helmet and hide(?) armor. She is in a camp of some sort looks like it has a watch tower made of logs.

4. Next is a small screen shot of the lockpicking mini game. looks like a skyrim themed version of the fallout lockpick game (not new).

5. We see what looks like the player with a companion in a partially flooded dungeon, they are approaching a skeleton that is shackled to a post with water pouring down over him.

6. Shows a guard with a torch and a full face helmet.

7. Shows a player dual casting a fire spell in a robe and hood.

8. Shows an awesome shot of the night sky with the northern lights.

9. Player shooting a bear with an enchanted glowing bow (this looks really cool).

10. Giant Mudcrab, looks freaking huge.

11. A really good looking female npc.


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