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The Controlled Substance Podcast — 5th Dose

PSN pass…..what will become?

This podcast, patterned after the article of the same name. Mode, Ace,  and  SchollA discuss  Sony introducing PSN Pass, what do we think? What is the potential aftermath of such and inclusion? Piggy-backing off of last weeks podcast where we discussed pre-order bonuses being split up into different retailers, it seems another ugly trend is in full swing.
We  also ask questions like:
– Is this another trend gone wrong?
-What if I have two or more PS3’s/accounts?
-Will GameStop finally lower their used game prices?
– What will happen with the relationship between Sony,  Gamers and Gamestop?
What’s been Controlling U?
State of the Industry – Rockstar/Team Bondi at odds?, Lord of the Rings, Resident Evil,Fallout New Vegas and more.

Letta 4 da Betta:
{Ace} Enslaved
{SchollA} Smackdown vs Raw

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  1. I need to play ACE in Street Fighter, how can you can to be the best like!!!

  2. *like that

  3. I need to get up on Resident Evil.

  4. Great Podcast!!!!!

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