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The Controlled Substance Podcast – 10th Dose — Netflix: Is it the Best game this generation?

On Topic: Hitting a milestone at 10, (LMBO) so We had to do it BIG and invite a special guest (Headhater) to discuss Netflix:  Is it the Best game this generation? Listen to Us as we are collectively trying to make sense of why so many of our virtual friends choose to Netflix over game. I mean these are primary gaming machines right?


-Whats been controlling U/Us

-Off topic: Wii U specs, Wii U expanded memory, HipHopGamer says Kojima has some “treats” in store for the Next-Gen, Hitman: Absolution Trailer, Dragon Age III (Frostbite 2 Engine), Schollaa friend request?

Letta 4 the Betta (A segment where we address developers and make requests on how they could make their games…well Better.

SchollA -WWE

Ace – Mass Effect

Gabe – WWE/Bethesda Games

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