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Defensive Exploration in Madden NFL 12

Posted by on Apr 29, 2011 in Microsoft, NEWS, Sony | 0 comments

From EA:


To understand a huge step Madden NFL 12 is taking on the defensive side of the ball, we first have to go back.

It seems like ancient history now, but those of you who remember the passing game in Madden NFL 10, you’ll recall how receivers would often let their momentum carry them out of bounds after a reception, robbing them of precious yards after the catch. An overlooked upgrade from Madden 10 to Madden NFL 11 was the “turn up field” animation that had receivers immediately pivoting and heading towards the end zone if there was room on the field and their agility ratings allowed it. It changed every serious Madden player’s approach to offense as out patterns and crossing routes became deadly and illustrates how a relatively minor tweak can have a major impact on the Madden franchise for years to come.

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