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Street Fighter X Tekken VS Tekken X Street Fighter which one’s for you?

Street Fighter X Tekken is almost here, March 6 (NA) to be  exact. My PSN friend via XMB asked me if I was getting the game and then it hit me.

As I went to hit send, replying  “I don’t know” to my PSN friend’s question, I asked myself, why am I not excited for this game? See I’m a big Street Fighter fan — have  been since Street Fighter was available arcade only. To be able to add to the Street Fighter Universe should be a “no brainer” and only makes sense — or does it? As I thought about it my mind kept taking me to Tekken X Street Fighter (Developer NamcoBandai’s take on the two worlds) and I realized that experiencing Street Fighter in a way that I’m not use to intrigues me more than the same ole experience — crazy huh?

 You see everything points to Street Fighter X Tekken over Tekken X Street Fighter simply because I love the Street Fighter engine and to experience more of the same — with Tekken characters should seal the deal, but there’s a problem. The problem is I’m not in love with the Tekken Universe!!! Sure I played Tekken, even had fun with it but I’m not so invested in the characters that it would push me over the top — to buy Capcom’s version. So the same thing that would gravitate me toward it — more of the same, is the same reason I pull away — more of the same.

I gather someone who loves both the Tekken and Street Fighter Universe  but loves Capcom 2D style a little more, this would be the game you go with. Me however, already leery of purchasing, which in fact just  may be another  add-on — even If I did love the characters, but to purchase an add-on with characters I have no true connection with doesn’t seem like a worthy investment.

Tekken X Street Fighter however is another story, to experience Street Fighter in a 3D environment — namely the Tekken engine, now that folks could be interesting! Partly  just to see if the  NamcoBandai Team could pull it off! And when I say pull it off  I mean make a great game and present the game as if the Street Fighters always belonged. They do have Mortal Kombat vs DC as a reference if needed. I hope it  doesn’t get canceled because I could only imagine Tekken X Street Fighter will be the harder one to develop because being able to get Street Fighter characters to work  in a 3D space may be a task in of itself.

I’m wondering how many people feel the same way I do. I applaud the developers Capcom (Street Fighter X Tekken) and NamcoBandai (Tekken X Street Fighter) for coming together and implementing these plans. Fans of both or one of these universes have options and that’s what’s most important (Now to wait for that Street Fighter X Mortal Kombat). At the end of the day some may get both, some may get one over the other, but if you could only choose one which one’s for you? CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. I for one am way more excited for Tekken X street fighter. Ive always love the Tekken universe but liked the sf characters. with T X SF I get the best of both worlds for me

  2. Totally Agree, I want to see RYU visualised in a realistic 3D form, thats textured and not made to look cartoony! In fact I would love to see him proportioned properly with perhaps the same facial design as he had in the Street Fighter II Animated Movie, which lets face it Rocked!!! I pray Namco keeps this up, would love to see Ryu pull off a (tekken style) 10 hit combinaiton that utilises his version of Shotokan Karate and includes the flip kick he used in the opening fight scene versus Sagat. 😀

  3. Closest thing to a 3d street fighter is street fighter ex series. Add in the ability to side step, chain combos, and better graphics, mix in new controls for special moves, then throw it down with tekken. I think the hardest part will be deciding which special moves to include and implement for sf characters. They are probably not going to include the super moves (or ultras) at all except maybe as a combo finisher.

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