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Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer hunts bounty

From Shack News:

A love of Boba Fett is one reason to become a Bounty Hunter in BioWare’s MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, but here’s a better one: rocketpack uppercuts. This skill and more are shown off in a new trailer detailing the roguish class’s subclasses.

When Bounty Hunters hit level 10, they get to decide whether they’ll specialise into the Powertech or Mercenary ‘advanced class.’ Powertechs are heavy on defense, while Mercenaries break out all sorts of lovely weapons and abilities to ramp up their damage–like rocketpack uppercuts.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is due to be released for PC later this year. Check out our E3 preview for a little more on what to expect. EA’s own Origin will be the only digital distributor selling the MMORPG, as part of EA’s plans to build Origin as a “platform” with its own digital exclusives.

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