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Sony’s exclusive Reveal last night? PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Yep! Last night SuperBot Entertainment, Sony newest member to their first party team revealed on GT.TV that the game is PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

What is PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? Well it’s a mash-up of all Sony first party characters past and present (Covering nearly two decades PS1, PS2, PS3) thrown into a cartoony-fun world to fight each other. Everyone one from Kratos, to Sly Cooper and co, to Fat Princess, and even Hades, Kratos’ nemesis from the God of War Series makes an appearance and serves as a ‘dynamic’ backdrop.  Most likely all your favorite Sony characters will be present in this game.

Interestingly enough I didn’t see Nathan Drake — one of Sony’s most recognizable characters present in the game, not to say that he’s not though. SuperBot did however mention there will be a big boss battle at the end and that we might be surprised to know who it is. Could it be Mr. Drake? Picturing a Giant Drake being depicted as a enemy boss  —  someone you have to go through to end the game –now that would be funny.

As far as gameplay modes there are several to choose from:

Four-player competitions, team battles with two versus two online with custom matches, you can even play one vs one — Street Fighter style. There’s also single-player modes such as combat trials and an arcade mode.

Set to be released this holiday season exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

Here’s a video showing gameplay:

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