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Sony PSN pass introduced–what will become?

It’s official, Eurogamer by way of Sony has confirmed that they will be starting a program call PSN pass which provide “full online” access to participating games. Sony plans on starting this program with Resistance 3 this September and will continue from there.

This announcement is the  latest in a trend that was started by publisher juggernaut EA, in alot of their sports titles like Madden followed by other publishers like Activision for Call of Duty and THQ for Smackdown vs Raw series. If your not familiar with it, it’s basically putting the power (or seemingly putting the power)  back in the publishers/developers hands, and saying if you buy a game used and not brand new, ie. GameStop who offers sales on pre-owned games, then your going to have to pay to play–online.

Now with this trend being in full swing, what happens if gamers all around the world get on board an buy everything new? what will become of the almighty GameStop, which bases it’s income and business on used game sales?….some staggering number– like 80%  of their revenue comes from used game  sales.  Also will it damage the relationship between publisher and GameStop or even a company like GameFly? Heck will it damage the relationship between buyer and seller…meaning gamers and publishers?  What are your thoughts? Leave  your comments.

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  1. What a foolish decision. Only backlash awaits.

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