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So what’s the verdict gaming folks…does The Last of US look better than Uncharted 3?

The Last of US – Spike VGA’s 2011:

When the Last of Us was first shown at the Spike VGA’s 2011 there was this feel of  “where have these graphics been all my life” in the air by the gaming community. Could this be an implication Naughty Dog has completely mastered the “Cell” (processor) and is now using it to it’s fullest potential? As Deion Sanders would say though “Hold on playa” not so fast.

There were a few skeptics with squinted eyes taking the “grain of salt” approach and understood this was a CG cutscene demonstration as opposed to in-game (even though Naughty Dog stated it was in real-time aka not pre-rendered) and that the actual game would look like that. Some would say that The Last of Us looked next-gen-ish. Some argued that no way would the game look like that, some argued back that the CG cutscene and in-game would be identical. But again skepticism filled the air.

E3 2012:

Then this was followed up by a E3 2012 gameplay demonstration and it finally showed off that in-game engine…what did gamers think now? Now a couple trailers, demonstrations and gameplay reveals later that same enthusiasm, as far as it being the new king of graphics seem to die a bit.

If what I’m explaining was drawn, a cartoonist would draw a bunch of gamers standing around nodding in approval, waiting for a coronation of some sort. A crown would be drawn — about to be placed on the word THE LAST OF US signifying gaming’s next king of graphics, only for a random hand to be drawn knocking the crown down before it could touch the top of THE LAST OF US’s name and call foul. Well maybe not, The Last of Us looks phenomenal but how phenomenal? Phenomenal enough to unseat Uncharted 3?

The Uncharted Franchise road to glory

Uncharted: Naughty Dog first started the journey of the king graphic makers in ’07 with the original Uncharted a amazing looking game especially something so early in the PS3 life cycle and what makes it more impressive is they did it with quote unquote “alien hardware” the world took notice.

Uncharted 2: Then it was the “beast” that was the ’09 Uncharted 2 that’s what really put Naughty on the map as far as Triple A, blockbuster, action game, take me seriously, we here ain’t going nowhere, are you kidding me, why would you doubt us, look at these graphics wow! Now whatever momentum they had from Uncharted carried over and then some with Uncharted 2; it set a new standard on video games and the quality everyone else should bring, even their sales took a jump. It probably still represents the biggest graphical jump from one title in a franchise to the next iteration (of course I mean on the same system in the same generation).

Uncharted 3: Even though 2011 released Uncharted 3 wasn’t  the jump (graphically) Uncharted to Uncharted 2 was (hard to imagine it getting much better) it still was a slight jump and a slight anything over Uncharted 2 is impressive indeed. Overall in Uncharted’s franchise everything looks good.

Gamescom 2012 Yet another trailer to convince us one way or another, I think it maybe interesting to compare CG cutscenes as well as gameplay because the CG cutscenes look phenomenal in The Last of Us

I compiled several videos to refresh your memory to compare the two games with – one category is CG cutscenes the other is Gameplay.


CG Cutscene Comparisons:




Gameplay Comparisons:



To me watching these CG cutscene trailers The Last of Us blows Uncharted 3 out the water but the gameplay is when it gets harder to decide.

Looking at these trailers yourselves do you think the Last of US looks better in both CG cutscene and gameplay? Do you think The Last of Us rules in only one/no category? Is it a tie? So what’s the verdict gaming folks…does The Last of US look better than Uncharted 3? CCU wants to hear from you.

*Update My fault people and my apologies to Naughty Dog I meant to say Cutscene instead of CG Naughty Dog has never used this technique at least for their Uncharted franchise.

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  1. Halo 4 kills both uncharted 3 and Last of us in Graphics.

    • Hahah you’re a sad little man.
      I’ve seen your username everywhere for years trying to accomplish the impossible. Face it kid, a simple envious troll like you can’t bring down the PS3 and its games.
      But whatever makes you feel better about yourself and your preference when you go to sleep at night.

      Good luck with all that.

    • @pp
      Haha…Hahahaha… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! XD

    • Totally agree Halo4 has come from nowhere to take the crown for best looking game this generation.

      The absolute irony of this happening at the finish line.

      Xbox360 WINS!

    • Thats the way of PS Fantools playing… i mean either playing unreleased games or listing unreleased games, just to give an illusion of *many* gamez. Ah btw, those exclusives they’re always bragging about can’t even help bringing up the PS3 to the #1 spot globally. Talk about $ony loosing 3rd party attention, so it tries hard to make MOAR 1st party instead. AWw

  2. with the slant eyes Elena looks Chinese on that pic.

  3. For starters….it’s not called CG….you can edit that out. You say Uncharted 3 ‘CG’…For Cutscenes, which are rendered in-game, notice how it transitions from the cutscene to gameplay?… Not CG… rofl.

    ‘CG Comparisons’. You people make me laughhhhh

    • Cutscenes for both games are pre-rendered. They use the same assets, and engine, but amped up to 11 on a rendering farm of multiple ps3s shown by one of the ND’s employees already. Calling them CG is not such a bad offence.

  4. No, they look the same. The shock comes from seeing the environments of TLOU as they are very bland (extremely bland in comparison to Uncharted 2).
    And I agree, Halo 4 does a much better job of its graphics, and has very good gameplay to boot. Games should be about the gameplay in the first place and not the graphics. Everybody likes good graphics, but when the game is meh (like with e.g. Heavy Rain) it doesn’t do much to hide the crappy gameplay.

  5. I still think Uncharted 2 is the best among all these titles. The Last of Us extended demo didn’t impress me at all graphically. But I will buy the game for gameplay, not graphics. I don’t see a leap in visual fidelity from Uncharted 3 to The Last of Us. I just don’t see it. But the final product has yet to be seen, so we shall see whenever the game is released.

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