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“Slavery The Game” really? (Trailer Included)

First off  I will start by saying I believe this is fake…at least it better be.

From forums I saw this trailer  allegedly  developed  by Javelin Reds Gaming and is slated to be released in 2012 for PC,  PS3, and Xbox 360.  This trailer depics  things like:

Go back to the 17th century when Europe ruled the world

Make a tremendous fortune

Buy Slaves

Discipline them– Exploit them

Become the most powerful slave trader

Now I do not believe this is real, simply because one, it is a very touchy subject– but even if a developer chose to dive into this touchy subject and write it off as a “historical lesson” it would not be depicted as such. In almost a boastful manner the narrator says things like, discipline them and exploit them?!!! Then proceeds to show us an arsenal of weaponry like a whip, scourge, rifle and spiked club. Two, the goal of the game is to become the most powerful slave trader in the world?!!! That in my opinion completely obliterates any historical angle it might of had.  I Googled the developer Javelin Reds Gaming and found nothing. I went to the website   and it actually exists with the Game’s Trailer and an actual phone number. I am  going to try to call this number and see where that leads to me to. I will have an update for you as soon as I get confirmation. Bottom line, this trailer seems more boastful then educational. Here’s the trailer:

Whoever made this video, did it in such a way that it could lure you into to believing it is true, but c’mon! Who made this video anyway? Please leave your thoughts.

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