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Rockstar Games…will we see Agent before Next-Gen? Where is Agent?

You got to love Rockstar…

Rockstar is very tight-lipped — shoo, their “king” tight-lipped. I actually like it though — how they move to the “beat of their own drum”, release news when they want to release news, put out games when they want to put out games and show up when they want to show up (I don’t remember the last time they showed up to a E3 — if ever). Also how they have fans like myself in the palm of their hands, and they could do that, you can always do that when you have that top-notched product. They’re like the Dr Dre (Detox) of the video game industry.

Much like Dre, we’re greeted with “it’s coming” and not much more when it comes to their album/video game respectively.

However it’s really getting to me, we still haven’t heard diddly-squat about Agent, Rockstar’s supposedly exclusive title for the PlayStation 3. The most we  saw was a logo and minor — emphasis on minor details about what the game entails. Alot of speculation has been about this being Grand Theft Auto from the Police perspective — hmm sound familiar?

I really want to see this game released, atleast an update on whats going on with this game. What, are them and Team Ico (Last Guardian) battling it out to see who can make us wait the longest? Or are they perfectionists? — Much like Dre, and when it does come out we’re going to forget we even had to wait.

So little information has been released  (Even for Rockstar, that’s pushing it) that I’m starting to worry that we won’t even see it this generation (And I for sure hope it doesn’t get cancelled).Coupled with the fact of speculation that this generation is coming to a close, we may have to wait until the PlayStation 4 to see this potential “beast”. C’mon Rockstar, I need this game!

Here’s a video on the little we know so far:

Do you think we will see Agent this-gen? CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. yah,.. comparing rockstar with a rapper just sounds right. they both.. nah, i will not go into detail. but the author should take into consideration that there are people out there who are not into rap and comparing a good product with rap could turn away readers. at least it almost turned me away 😉

    i am not sure i want to see agent. if it’s not out yet, there is a good reasen why. i hope they came to grips when they did the “rockstar presents” thing with the utterly boring la noire. if they took back agent because they realized this could be another flop no fanboy should cry for a release in spite of rockstar saying no or nothing.

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