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Resident Evil 6: Top 6 things I want to see

As you may or may not know, I’m very fond of the Resident Evil series but I do have some concerns after watching the trailer.

The last couple of Resident Evil’s have been accused of  trying to keep up with the latest action titles all the while being criticized for not featuring  the  lastest most up-to-date controls seen in this generation.

I decided to compile a list of the top 6 things I want to see for Resident Evil 6.

In no particular order here are the top 6 things that I want to see:

More horror less action 

Over the years Resident Evil has went from revolutionizing the way we play games and solidifying survival horror as a genre to a ‘full on’ action title with horror elements. It desperately needs to go back to it’s roots.

No Super Zombies

I know it might be unfair to ask — to rid something that’s been a part of the series virtually since the beginning, but “super zombies” IMO takes away from the game — it just doesn’t feel classic. Resident Evil 5 had what, a gorilla chasing you?!!! Waaaay too much and over-the-top. Unfortunately based off the trailer it doesn’t seem I’ll be getting my wish, I spotted a couple of “super zombies” in it (shrugs). Oh well what do you think my chances are of Capcom seeing this and deprogramming all “super zombie” code by launch? Lmbo.

Real Zombies 

Speaking of zombies how about some real zombies while your at it! I believe Resident Evil 4  was the first to introduce  a variation of  zombies —  humans infected was more the story line — no bueno!   Zombies, or what appear to be zombies are now ax wielding, knife throwing, gun toting,  chainsaw swinging, motor bike riding,  taser carriers?!!! Not a good look.  I want the slow moving, howling, “we want brains”, chase me into an abandon house, brand of  zombie. Please bring this back.

No more

Run and shoot

I’m not talking about the NFL — then Houston Oilers playbook, I’m talking about the simple ability to do what a human has the ability to do in real-life and that’s run and shoot. This maybe the most requested feature of all — from the gaming community.  Someone pointed out to me when I did the last Resident Evil 6 article that you have the ability to move and shoot, that’s cool but that’s not enough. If the concern is balance then have the player lose accuracy when trying to do this and put them in situations where they can’t run — more zombies on screen come to mind. Even the already get hurt and limp animation that Capcom has implemented for years  also does well for the balancing. Speaking of animations  that needs to be updated as well, the slow stiffness in the characters are showing it’s age.

Real-Time cutscenes

The gun I use should be the gun that shows. Simply put, before I enter a cutscene if I’m blasting zombies away with a shotgun I don’t want to now enter a cutscene carrying or shooting a pistol, it ruins the immersion.

Change the predictable ending

Everyone knows at the end of every Resident Evil it’s the same predictable ending (a bit of a spoiler so if you haven’t played any of the Resident Evil’s — and plan to, proceed at your own risk) Every Resident Evil you can bet your last dollar is going to end with a bang — literally. The grab a  RPG, and use said RPG  at every ending of every Resident Evil is predictable, corny and old. Capcom you have to switch it up for this one — for the sake of gaming inhumanity — pun intended, get it? Zombies — inhumane — agh forget it!

So those are my top 6 things I want to see happen for Resident Evil 6. Do you agree/disagree? Want to add anything? CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. Running and shooting at the same time is not realistic. At all. Trying to even take steps while shooting a fully automatic firearm (as is the case in most FPSs) would stagger the vast majority of people.

    What you’re really wanting here is the ability to AIM and move at the same time. When you pull the trigger, though, your feet had better be planted or you’re spitting in the face of reality. (in b4 herp derp it has zombies it doesn’t need to be realistic).

    • In real life u can run and shoot, it may not b great 4 hitting the target or conventional, dats why i mentioned losing accuracy, but u can certainly do it.

      As a matter a fact you may need to do it in certain situations, its called “shooting your way out”. Imagine your in a situation where the numbers game has caught up to u
      so u run but to slow them down u turn and shoot simultaneously. I dont think thats to much to ask and a “real human” can do it — Especially a trained, seasoned veteran cop.

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