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Resident Evil 6: Cause for concern

I’m a big — no scratch that — I’m a huge Resident Evil fan! Ever since Resident Evil 2, aka the game that change the way I game forever (Thank you Capcom) I’ve been loyal to the brand. I even like Resident Evil 5, which quite possibly a lot of people would disagree with me. And even though I wasn’t blind to the flaws, it still overall was a fun game.

So it’s safe to say I was pleased with the announcement of Resident Evil 6 and Capcom gave us a trailer too? With gameplay?!!! However upon watching the the trailer there was cause for concern, I’ll explain why.

What was the number one complaint you heard in regards to Resident Evil 5? Yep the controls were not “Next-Gen”, the lack of natural movement from your character and the inability to run and shoot made for some “clunky” outdated gameplay.

Fast forward to 2012 — Resident Evil 6 trailer, and nothing  in the trailer showed me or indicated that we were going to get any different, it looks almost identical to the Resident Evil 5 engine, which some say looks almost identical to the Resident Evil 4 engine. Whether or not you can run and shoot remains to be seen, but as far as character movement — the same.

The fact that 3 years passed — and will be more than that by the time the game is shipped to still have that issue, especially after so many gamers complained about it is disappointing. There are other things that bother me about this trailer that I will address in a future article but I definitely wanted to address this particular  concern for one of my favorite franchises.

Now I could be wrong — and let’s hope that I am (especially for the run and shoot controls). Maybe it feels different when you play it versus watching it but based on that trailer it doesn’t look promising.

So what do you think — More of the same? Or is there actually hope for “Next-Gen” controls. CCU wants to hear from you.

Just in case you missed it,  Here’s the trailer:

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  1. Err…are you freaking joking?

    The biggest complaint about RE5 was that it wasn’t a goddamn Resident Evil game. It was Gears of War with zombies, which is just what the trailer for RE6 looks like for Chris’s parts.

    Yes, we’d like to be able to side step at least to a degree while aiming, but the controls were NOT the problem with Resident Evil 5.

  2. You can move and shoot. Watch Leon closely when the zombie jumps him. He is aiming while moving. Hope this restores your confidence in what looks like a phenomenal game!

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