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Reminder: VGX Not Airing On Spike TV Tonight — Additional Details

If you were expecting  to watch VGX tonight on your big screen television all indications say to think again.

While trying to set up my DVR to record for the event, VGX was noticeably absent from tonight’s programming. After doing some digging it seems that this is a streamed-only event, weird as almost, if not every VGA — as it was called prior to this year has been aired on Spike and definitely for this entire generation. I reached out to Geoff Keighley in an attempt to bring the shows  unusual absence some clarity, nothing yet (probably busy getting ready for the show) when I hear something I will update you guys.

There is however a “VGX Replay” to be aired Tuesday, December 10 12:00 am EST  although from the time’s duration (1 hr) points to this not being the original show in it’s entirety —  most likely highlights or a specific portion of the show.

As far as the streaming portion there are  several ways to watch tonight including through your PS3 and Xbox 360 check online for other options.

Update: For  those that want to watch the event on your PS3  you must, if you haven’t already download the “Live Events VIewer” app via the PlayStation Store when it’s successfully downloaded you will see it in your TV/Video Services section on your XMB. Once inside you should see the event as one of the options to watch.

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