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Online Pass-me by with codes and DLC

Today I figured I would share my disgust for a certain trend that I’m sure in the future will be the standard for the gaming industry: ONLINE PASSES!!

Why is this popping up? It’s like game makers are slapping us in the face. People probably won’t remember the debate of the game prices rising, and for those of you who game, but don’t buy your own here it is. Games have varied in price over the years. The PSX, N64, and Saturn games flatlined at $49.99 and not a penny more. Nowadays games cost $59.99 on average. I bring that up to say it was a debate of whether or not people would buy them. Low and behold we DID buy them. Now back to the online passes thing; I haven’t heard many people complain yet and that is due mostly to a code being packed into the game. Well, I’m fairly sure next-gen developers will start making you pay in some shape or fashion to play their games online. DLC isn’t good enough for them and this is their current test market. Will gamers shell out $10.00 for a code to play online? Once they find that the answer is yes WATCH OUT….Mo Money, Mo Money and Mo Money!!

Now you may be saying “Hey Guy, settle down, the code is for those gamers who bought a used game and don’t have the code” well that is true indeed, but the main question is “WHY IS THERE A CODE IN THE FIRST PLACE!” We have been gaming online FREE since the past GEN system and now they want us to pay for it? I call B.S. on that one. In short it will soon be a standard and then people will complain, but by then……IT WILL BE TOO LATE LOL.

Let’s move on to DLC. I think DLC is great from both sides of the spectrum. From a point of publishers and developers they need money to live, eat, and make the games. On the other side it gives us the gamer some worthwhile additions to our beloved titles such as Batman: Arkam City. It’s when you start doing what some companies do — by the way of announcing it ahead of time, selling it in bundles, and giving cheap stuff like add on characters that pushes my buttons. A certain company who makes fighting games is making this their norm. NO!! I don’t want a palette swapped version of Captain America for 99 cents (that’s just an example). So no more unlockable characters I guess? We can’t earn those through gameplay right? We have to spend our dollars…..or those of some people’s parent’s money to get these things? Things are definitely becoming all about money.

With all that being said I still love gaming, but some of us are going to have to stop being lazy and voice out our opinions. If we don’t developers and publishers are going to keep taking us to the bank….literally! Well that’s it for me I’m up out this thing. PEACE

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One Comment

  1. online pass sucks, it is alright to combat used games.

    but I like how F.E.A.R 3 uses Online Pass.
    it doesn’t force you, if you want to play 2 cool multiplayer game modes, you need the Online Pass. F***ing RUn is a great mode.

    this is what we need, an exclusive game mode to make people buy online pass.
    online pass is forcing, very forcing.

    if for an example COD is using Online Pass.
    we can still play online, but to play Zombie mode, you will need Online Pass for it.

    because if people cans till play the game online without online pass, if they love the game online and want to try other game modes, they would be more inclined to buy the online pass because it is their decision.

    but the way online pass is designed is basically forcing us.

    another example, if you like Ninja Gaiden 3 and you can play the co-op online, if you want to enjoy multiplayer, you can just buy the online pass to access the clan battle mode (or vice versa)

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