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Next-Gen Xbox to feature Blu-Ray, new Kinect and may not play used games

Sources tell that the next generation Xbox will feature Blu-Ray as their  storage medium for content, moving on from the old DVD standard to  the current storage medium displayed  in all PS3 models.

Those not familiar with the Blu-Ray’s capabilities and how it relates to gaming, basically one single Blu-Ray disc can hold up to 25GB of data, they also have dual-layer Blu-Ray discs that whole double the data or 50GB worth. Which means for gamers, potentially bigger and better looking games and it is also one of convenience allowing you to game on one disc, therefore relieving you of swapping multiple discs to enjoy your games. In comparison the Xbox 360 currently uses the DVD standard which holds up to 9GB of data and because of storage limitations sometimes force developers to make their games across multiple discs.

Kotaku is also reporting that they received info from a very reliable source that Microsoft intends to  incorporate some sort of anti-used game system.

Wow! If that is an indication that their hardware will support some sort of code that will not read used games then that is huge news! That would completely obliterate the used game market — at least on their end and could potentially have the next PlayStation and next Nintendo follow suit — or not. Imagine the console war next-gen being determined on what console will allow consumers to have free-will on what games they would buy.

Along with all of this their are plans to ship the new Xbox with a new Kinect which would feature and on-board processor, which would bring more accuracy  in body-detection to the next generation.

More Tidbits:

  • Plans to make a smaller controller (Rumor)
  • 6-8x more powerful than the 360  (Rumor) Reported by IGN

So what do you guys think of this news and rumors? CCU wants to hear from you.

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