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Story,Gadgets,Custom Controllers and the newest villain revealed in Batman: Arkham City is….

Deadshot…yep he was introduced tonight as Arkham’s newest inmate. It seems Rocksteady’s not holding anything back when it comes to characters that exist in Batman’s land aka Gotham. But that’s not all that was revealed (which I’ll get to later).

Geoff Keighley interviewing Sefton Hill (Game Director) of Rocksteady revealed this in the latest episode of GTTV. Deadshot’s role? I’m glad you asked. Sefton didn’t reveal much but did say he’s an assassin that infiltrates Arkham City and ‘takes out’ some very specific, possibly ‘high profile’ people. While Batman is trying to figure out what Deadshot is doing there, Deadshot figures out Batman is doing this and then adds Batman to the list, classic hunter becomes the hunted. Batman  Also revealed were story driven elements like how Hugo Strange knowing the identity of Batman and the threat of that getting out figures to have a huge role. Also intertwined in all of this is how all these super villains will co-exist and how Batman handles it.

New Gadgets revealed were the Remote Electrical Charge which behaves like a taser, but can be fired and also can be used to power up machinery. Another gadget introduced was the Freeze Blast which is technology taken from Mr Freeze ( Holy Refrigerator Batman!!!) and you can use it freeze enemies or make ice platforms to traverse through the environment.

If this wasn’t enough Hardest of the Hardcore fans of Batman can rejoice because  GTTV also revealed that Power A will release controllers  for the Xbox 360 and PS3 that are in the shape of Batman’s Batarang and light up in seven different colors. The cost you ask? It will run you $49.99



Batman: Arkham City will release Oct 18, 2011 for the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3.

So what do you think? Was that your guess on who would be the newest villain to join the cast? Do you like the introduction of Deadshot/his role? Do you like the new gadgets? Will you be picking up the Batarang Wireless Controller? CCU wants to hear from you.


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