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NBA 2K12: What to expect (PC,PS3,Xbox 360)

Jordan — Magic — Bird. In the midst of an NBA lockout 2K sports presses on with their lastest installment 2K12. In keeping with the theme of NBA 2k11 which sold 5.5 million units with Michael Jordan on the cover, the 2K team decided to try and out do themselves not only by bringing Michael Jordan back but NBA legends Magic Johnson and Larry Bird as well. All three will grace the cover, each with their own personal cover of this years game.

I watched  GTTV’s  interviewing of the 2K team — VP of Marketing Jason Argent and Rob Jones Gameplay Director and here’s what was revealed:

  • 15 NBA legends from the 1960’s (gameplay is in black and white– fitting of that era) all the way to current, featuring  Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, and others.
  • The game will release regardless of what happens with the NBA lockout.
  • Redone Gameplay– Controls that feel more natural, more fluid. You can now break out of almost any animation. Redone Post controls. Better defense, Better rotations. AI much smarter in terms of plays they run — more dynamic.
  • Improved Facial Animation- 2K team went in and recorded actual facial expressions of the players to bring more realism and authenticity to the game.
  • Presentation- Steve Kerr added as the third commentator, 2K also brought in a TV producer for TNT Sports to really blur the lines between a real TV broadcast and the game, which is much more integrated than before.
  • “Bill Russell Game” featured in black and white and showcases the 64-65 Celtics against the L.A. Lakers of the same year.
  • Jordan this time will be featured in a game where it showcases the Chicago Bulls against the 92-93 Charlotte Hornets which means you will be playing with or against  “Grandmama” Larry Johnson “Zo” Alonzo Mourning and in their words ‘fun to play with’  little Muggsy Bogues.

So Basketball fans! Have what you learned so far about 2k12 enough to add it to your collection. CCU wants to hear from you.

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