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Naughty Dog on The Last of Us: Remastered – “The Graphics Have Been Turned Up To Eleven”

Upon Reading Junky Monkey’s article, based on  Naughty Dog’s  latest announcement, making ‘The Last Of Us: Remastered’ on PS4  Official something caught my attention.

They specifically referenced an Evans Wells, Co-President of Naughty Dog quote in  which he mentions that they started working on The Last of  Us Next Gen almost right after they finished the PS3 version. But as you read further along the quote he also mentions the exciting news about the power in the graphic fidelity. 

Here’s the quote:

“We had a lot of people on the forums saying ‘can I play this on PlayStation 4?’ We had actually been anticipating that, and started working on it pretty much as soon as we finished the PlayStation 3 [version],” ”We weren’t sure if it was going to go anywhere, but when we saw the fans clamouring for it we doubled-down, and put more effort behind it.” ”The graphic fidelity has been turned up to eleven. We’ve got 1080p, we’re pushing the draw distances further, we’re creating higher resolution character models, better lighting, better shadows.”

1080p? Further draw distances? Higher resolution character models? Better lighting? Better shadows? Man! This game is already an absolute classic!  To me, having the opportunity to experience this yet again with more polish is cool indeed. The above things mentioned can play an extremely important role,  especially in the horror genre, I got one word for ya! Immersion. And Although the PS3 version looks amazing I can only imagine if this remastered version could look something on the level of the first reveal trailer where the cinematic cutscenes basically look like a next gen game.

Speaking of why wasn’t that cutscene in the final game? It looked epic, a true tone setter.

What level of fidelity in the graphics do you think we’ll get on TloU: Remastered? CCU wants to hear from you.

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