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MY APOLOGIES Naughty Dog It’s Not You It’s Me


I feel the need to retract from a article  that was done by myself and thus apologize to Naughty Dog . Even though I did not squarely put the blame on them and it surely wasn’t an attack I still feel I included them in  something they were not necessarily a part of.

I hinted — based on personal experience that Naughty Dog might have been putting out faulty games, or better yet that the marriage between some PS3’s —  namely mine and their games did not produce a perfect experience.

The article in question was called “Naughty Dog Produced Games Don’t Work On My PS3”  and as fate would have it I think my results had more to do with my PS3 dying  than it had to do with it being a Naughty Dog produced game, in fact  I found out other features were not working on my PS3 too including the sound! If I watched a movie in  Dolby Digital on Netflix the sound would cut off every 15 minutes.Whether or not they are related who knows? But these are the signs. Still strange though that I was able to play other games without issues and not ND games, maybe the strain of a dual layer blu ray disc proved too much for a dying console?

In that article I  also mentioned based on Sony Help support encouraging me to try the discs on someone elses PS3 that I would follow up…well… eventually I did, which happened to be on my own PS3 — a new PS3. Since getting the new PS3 I inserted each ND game in (I have all of them) and all games work fine, also my sound  plays flawlessly.

Now, I still see reports of ND titles particularly ‘The Last of Us’ still giving issues like freezing  and sound but I implore gamers who are experiencing this especially to brace yourself, your PS3 may be on it’s last legs ready to give way to the dreaded “yellow light of death”.

Again My Sincerest apologies to one of the greatest developers of our time Naughty Dog.


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