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Microsoft Press Conference 2013: Xbox One: The promise to deliver 15 exclusives but no one flinched…why?

Microsoft Press Conference 2013:  Went as everyone expected but still surprisingly seemed surprised by Microsoft’s choice to focus on Media Connectivity — that is, seamlessly integrating all your entertainment “needs” with the sound of your voice . But why are we surprised? We shouldn’t be. It was said all along that Microsoft would move in this direction.

We were told…or  warned 🙂 depending on who you ask month after month, rumor after rumor, speculation after speculation, (unconfirmed) confirmation after confirmation, that the “Next Xbox” would focus on a Media Hub essentially turning their next generation “BOX” into the ‘Target’ (the convenience store) of video gaming. And now for that very thing to materialize at this conference  you would think instead of hearing feedback like “MICROSOFT YOU SUCK” you would hear “Yeah sounds about right, I expected that”.

But the truth is gamers were hurt, so even though it should’ve been expected no one could’ve truly known that it would go down this way.  Actually I believe gamers were hoping those rumors, speculations and unconfirmed confirmations were false, even those reporting were probably in the back of their mind hoping and begging to be wrong; that all they heard thus far was a utter lie and what they have been encouraged all those months to expect would somehow end with Microsoft shocking the world; silencing their critics by showing their stance — that they are indeed primarily a gaming machine.  That didn’t happen but what did happen should’ve encouraged the gaming world; the promise to deliver 15 exclusives, but no one flinched…why?


How else would you explain having a Blockbuster announcement such as “We have 15 exclusives coming” by the way “8 of them being new IP’s” which is even greater news but no one flinches, no one even blinks, no one is excited, no ones talking about it, no ones  getting their pre-orders lined up.


The unknown I believe plays a big factor on the missing reaction that should be associated with such a reveal. I have a saying which goes “You’ve been hurt before” that I say to my peoples, which is explaining everything we do is connected to that and is essentially  the gateway to all future behavior it’s all said in jest but boy! Could a joke be more true. We’ve all heard promises from these big game companies to deliver unparalleled experiences only to fall short time and time again, 1080p/60 frames per second anyone? CG quality for all games anyone?  This time gamers were ready and took the “I’ll believe it when I see it” approach. To make a vague announcement even though said announcement sounds amazing on paper, which actually is the problem — it’s on paper raises more skepticism than excitement within the gamer community.

Another reason gamers didn’t  flinch stems from the big question gamers have, “Sooo Microsoft  how much of those “15 Exclusives”  are Triple A  Ay?” How many of these games have blow my mind, take me serious, run out and tell all my friends type quality. And although 8 are new IP’s how much of those are worth having?  How much of these 15 exclusives are  Kinect driven? 5 different versions of  how to exercise doesn’t count. I could be wrong but I don’t think gamers are looking for another 3 iterations of  ‘Dance Central’.  How many will be Xbox Live games?  5 different puzzle fighters doesn’t count. How much are DLC? Purchasing 2 exclusive DLC’s for 3rd party games doesn’t really count, especially if it’s timed.

Bottom line: Again as gamers we are hoping we are wrong, that Microsoft — unlike at this press conference shocks the world and delivers. If all or at least most of…ok, ok we are even willing to accept half  could be Top notch, Killer App, Triple  A titles  that might just catapult  Microsoft  back into the spotlight — a positive spotlight where gamers could now start to believe in the ‘brand’…again.

Why didn’t you flinch? CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. For all intent and purposes Microsoft has been great for gaming. Both the original Xbox and Xbox 360 were more powerful than it’s Sony counterpart. Remember Toy Story like graphics on PS2? Or comments like PS3 being “something you should earn” to learn to program for? The only one that has constantly under-delivering has been Sony.

  2. Microsoft lies so much nobody believes they’ll have 15 exclusives. But if they do have them they’ll probably just be crappy Kinect nothing games nobody wants anyway. Microsoft doesn’t have any great first party developers left so I don’t see anyone there making the exclusives. I doubt many third party developers will want to risk making exclusives for the Xbox One. Not unless Microsoft gives them half a billion dollars.

    • First of all im 90% sure of what console i will buy this generation but first of all lets see what games they will announce and then maybe my certainty will drop to around 70-80%.
      I havent watched TV for a couple months.I use my PC for that type of stuff which has a monitor same inches as my TV, so that makes me hesitant to buy XBoxOne,not to mention that in my country there wont be anything of that stuff that is included.
      The only thing to make me buy X1 is having huge games at E3 but at the same time Sony will also be at E3 and its plan would be to just negate the X1 show.Sony atm doesnt need to impress just to negate the good show from X1 and they will win.

  3. $0ny = lies, overhype and underdeliver. GTFO of business $0ny, you shady mafia corporation!

  4. It all comes down to knowledge we lack. We don’t know. Maybe E3 will enlighten and electrify the community around Microsoft. Microsoft has created a lot of problems for themselves when mentioning used games and then talking about a possible fee to transfer a used game to someone else? Without ALL the details it only made the problem worse.

  5. You know how it is, damn if they do, damn if they don’t, cup half full or cup half empty. I judge them by the past and they haven’t done me no wrong yet. I have had a blast with xbox and xbox360 and I don’t see why I should lose faith in Microsoft because they kept their lips sealed tight in regards to games. Helloooooo this is how the game is played, it’s called strategy. I know we as gamers are extremely excited to hear what the heck is coming for us gamers. So yeah I get it, I want to know too but to be so negative about it, come on!?!?!?! I think they were smart about it, you know and I know Sony is dyeing to know too! Why would Microsoft share all secrets!?!?!?! They revealed the whole console and what they plan to do other than gaming. Now we have something exciting to look forward to at E3, GAMES!!!! and I can’t freaking wait 

  6. I do not believe in the cloud. 1.2TFLOPS the GPU – it’s just ridiculous. 2013, DDR3 memory …

  7. Really good article. I think it should say something when people are essentially unphased that 15 exclusives are coming so soon to a new system in today’s generation. I think a lot of it comes down to people (namely gamers) don’t care about the new Xbox as much as hoped. Why would you care about a ford focus coming with wood grain when you’re gonna go out and buy a Toyota Camry? Yes it’s something that is good and people who will play them should be excited about, but the gaming population who are those interested in exclusives and new IPs AREN’T excited about the system.

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