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Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC Pack details

How does the saying go? “Ask and you shall receive”, well you asked and you shall indeed receive.

The now most “infamous”, last 10 minutes in gaming is being expanded upon by Bioware as a “fan service” for all who were disappointed by the original games ending. Called the “Extended Cut” this DLC (Downloadable Content) Pack is set to add “additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes”  as well as a “deeper insight into how their personal journey concludes.” Hmm…is that translation for cutscenes and nothing more?

Via PSN (PlayStation Network), XLBA (Xbox Live Arcade) and Windows PC it will be available for free and be released sometime this summer.

A couple of side notes:

  • Remember this is a “extension” not a new ending
  • This Pack won’t remain free forever — you have up until April 12, 2014 (hmm new consoles?)

Not sure of the controversy that led to this eventual DLC? Click here for my interpretation of the facts.

So extension? Cutscenes?  Epilogues?!!! How do you feel about the DLC Bioware is planning this summer? CCU wants to hear from you.


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