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Mass Effect 3 DLC: Leviathan Review (Spoiler Free)

DLC in the Mass Effect Series has been pretty consistent with the actual games themselves. In past DLC for Mass Effect — as a series we got some nice plots, great story, and amazing dialogue. This is already present in the games themselves without the DLC. But what attracts people to them and makes them want to buy it is that the previous stated formula is addictive. So with the DLC’s you get more of the substance for your addiction. But does Leviathan DLC expand on that formula and provide good content? Or does it give us a lacking DLC that you can pass up without worrying?


To be honest the graphics are the same as Mass Effect 3 it’s not like DLC provides a new engine or something. Without spoiling anything, I’ll say that the places you visit is pretty good especially the last location. The last location is a setting we never been to in the series, so thats a plus.


The story in this DLC is great in my opinion. In fact I think the story is very crucial for those who want to see some more backstory on the Reapers themselves. The story was great because it has a sense of mystery that makes you think more about the reapers existence.

When it comes to actual game play Leviathan has some pretty engaging scenes. A portion of it is doing some investigation and trying to put clues together to track down a special person that helps you find where the Leviathan is. So you start at one location and then search planets then come back and do it three times. I personally didn’t have a problem with this because it didn’t feel tedious. I actually felt like everything¬† I did had a reason behind it. Overall the game play was solid introducing a few new takes to the Mass Effect 3 Experience.

The DLC includes new songs which I felt was very suiting for this atmospheric content. I also enjoyed the voice acting to the new characters and old alike. The sound was pretty solid with nothing that felt out of place.

In Mass Effect DLC’s the Replay Value is the exact same as the game itself because they go hand and hand. The DLC is not its own separate thing from the single player, it’s integrated into it. So if you replay Mass Effect 3 you most likely will be playing Leviathan right with it. So it all depends on you and if you are going to replay the game.

I know I didn’t give up much as far as spoilers in Leviathan but that’s for a reason. Bottom line is Leviathan is a experience that Mass Effect fans will enjoy and also has some very good surprises. No it doesn’t have huge choices that will impact the fate of the universe. But think of Leviathan as added scenes to an already amazing movie. Leviathan won’t blow you out of your socks but it will keep you interested throughout the whole thing.



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