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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 CES 2011 Secret Tournament Highlights: Featuring Justin Wong (Street Fighter Legend)

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  1. MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3 gotta be the most anticapating game of 2011!!! I can’t wait. I pre-order it since last year, lol. Nah, i’m playing, but I will pre-order it soon.

  2. Very cool!

    • I just it’s not as cheesy as pt.2. Combos were a little ridiculous in that one. dc

  3. Evil Geniuses, what a group !

  4. I gotta take back my first comment. This is was a big let down. The graphics are awesome, but the control throw me off. I still play it from time to time but I can’t get into it like I did with MVC2 or like I do with Super Street Fighter 4….. I’m Just Saying

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