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Majin and The Forsaken Kingdom Review (Xbox 360)


When I watched the intro movie for Majin and The Forsaken Kingdom, I thought to myself “Wow I’m in for a treat”. I got this huge beast for a partner and I get to tell him what to do, who to attack and what magic element to use. Boy was I deceived…BIG TIME.


ENVIRONMENT: Poorly developed environments  with nice colorsThe grass, leaves on trees, water, and fire look two dimensional and fake. The colors however look bright and beautiful.

CHARACTER MODELS: Great character models of the Majin and Tepeu…that’s it. They both move smoothly with no frame skipping.


The two main characters are Tepeu and the Majin. They both work together to defeat The Darkness which has imprisoned the land and kingdom for over a 100 years.  The Majin tried to defeat the four Generals of the Dark to free the kingdom before, with the help of the princess, but failed. They held him captive until Tepeu freed him. This story is so unoriginal but not disappointing . How many games do you know that has a darkness sweeping over the land and a hero must come and defeat it? Throughout the game you see a little back story of the Majin which I liked. You see his relationship with the princess and towns people and also how the darkness came about. But what about Tepeu? No back story on him at all. All you know is that he is an orphan and that he can talk to animals. The four main generals have a more interesting story than Tepeu. I found myself wanting to know more about four generals than Tepeu.

The Majin and Tepeu work well together linking combos and special moves. You control Tepeu while you give commands to the A.I. controlled Majin. The Majin obeys your movement commands flawlessly, however when commanding him to attack or use special moves on an enemy it takes awhile, especially when the Majin is surrounded by enemies. Tepeu only has a small variety of attacks and one stealth attack. They should have given Tepeu the same amount of attacks as the Majin, also the Majin gets a new attack everytime he levels up. As far as Tepeu goes only his health bar and attack power grows with each level that he reaches. The controls are easy to learn and very hard to confuse the gamer,but you can always change the controller layout to your liking.

SCORE: You know when you play a game and your in the heat of battle and great music excites you up even more? Majin’s musical score does not do that

SOUND EFFECTS: Good overall sound effects.

VOICE ACTING: God awful voice acting from the animals and the Majin.

Your not missing much if you don’t play this game again, but if your the type that needs to find everything in the game then go right on ahead but it’s not worth it.


Majin is one of those games that has great potential to be a memorable game. However it lacks so much in the sound, graphics, replay department and poor P.R. work that many people missed out on this game. The gameplay is  different from most action/adventure games but nothing ground breaking. After reading this, if you feel that you need to get this game, wait until a price drop something like $19.99 or borrow it from a friend.








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