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Madden NFL ’13 update brings Thanksgiving presentation (Hidden Feature)

Upon an unexpected roster update from Madden ’13 I mistakenly came across a hidden feature.

If you go into ‘Play Now’ and choose Superbowl as your choice of presentation, instead of getting what it suggests — football on the biggest stage, you can hear Phil Simms and Jim Nantz call the game with a Thanksgiving  presentation.

I actually chose this mode by accident as I like to save the Super Bowl presentation for a ‘big game’ or a tournament but was pleasantly surprised  to see EA Sports choose to include Thanksgiving commentary to match the Holiday.

Why EA Sports chose to “hide” the presentation in the Superbowl mode and not just have it’s own separate mode is unknown. Maybe it’s a glitch they didn’t catch, maybe it’s a Easter egg but regardless the effort was a nice gesture. The commentary is  pretty detailed too — not feeling generic and doesn’t feel thrown together.

How long this Thanksgiving presentation will last is unknown so jump into Madden ’13 to hear the unique presentation for yourselves.

*Note this is for the PS3 version, not sure how it fares on it’s Xbox 360 counterpart.

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