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Madden NFL 13 Title Update 1.03 Details

EA just recently released update 1.03 for Madden 13 —  here are the details:

eature Additions:

Custom Rosters Offline: Added the ability to start an offline career with a custom roster.

Connected Careers Edit Player: Added the ability to edit gear and information for players in a league.

Coach Mode in Connected Careers: Added the ability to use coach mode in Connected Careers.

Changing Schemes in Offline Connected Careers: Added the ability to change offensive and defensive schemes as a coach. (Coming to Online Connected Careers on October 19th)

Offline Play Along in Connected Careers: Added the ability for multiple people to join a CCM game. This applies to coaches only.

Draft Clock: Added a draft clock during the draft that is displayed on screen if you leave the draft interface to view rosters, depth charts, etc.

Draft Filter: Added a filter to the draft screen to display players that have been drafted.

Connected Careers Practice XP: Added the ability for user controlled players to earn extra XP in practice mode through the stats they accumulate.


Gameplay Tuning:

– Fixed an issue where WRs were dropping too many passes when playing on All Madden difficulty setting.

– Fixed an issue where it was too easy to time the kick meter on FGs and PATs in user vs. user games.

– Fixed an issue where punt returners were moving away from the landing spot if you called a fair catch while letting the CPU control the player.

– Fixed an issue where someone who attempted to bull rush with the R stick once the ball was snapped activated run commit.


– Added over a dozen logic fixes to make our commentary more intelligent.


– Fixed an issue where specific offensive player celebrations were not triggering.

– Fixed an issue where the referee was backwards when calling a penalty.

– Fixed an issue with the Giants away uniforms (missing a sleeve stripe).

Connected Careers:

– Fixed an issue where Offline Gameplay AI/Logic did not match the logic in Play Now.

– Fixed an issue where playing the game on All-Madden is too easy.

– Fixed an issue where changing the camera setting in CCM game works for single player.

– Fixed an issue where League Sliders had limited impact on difficulty.

– Fixed an issue where the Accelerated Clock did not function in an online CCM game when the option was set to On.

– Fixed an issue where you could not turn on/off GameFlow in CCM.

– Fixed an issue where you were unable to sign Free Agents during the season.

– Fixed an issue where ‘Starting a League’ would reset Player Schemes.

– Fixed an issue where after declining a trade offer, you are no longer able to accept or decline another offer.

– Fixed an issue where you could exploit supersim to run the game clock indefinitely.

– Fixed some spelling and polish issues in the News and Twitter.

– Fixed an issue where a coach could make a contract offer to a user controlled player.

– Fixed an issue where you are forced to select a throwing style for a created player that is not a QB.

– Fixed an issue where turning Auto-Start to off does not save week to week.

– Fixed an issue where you can see rookie overall ratings by accessing the player card of the prospect through Team Needs.

– Fixed an issue where changing Auto-Sub Frequency does not change the correct data.

– Fixed an issue where the profanity filter was preventing offline players from typing in their names.

– Fixed an issue where you can draft a player and then trade down while the draft is paused. The issue resulted in the user keeping both the traded picks and drafted player.


– Fixed numerous crashes.

– Fixed an issue with the in-game pause menu disappearing.

Madden Ultimate Team:

– Changed the Packs button to Store Button.

– Condensed Leaderboards and Help menus.

– Implemented the ability to view videos from the hub.

– Implemented Store Panel Changes.

– Moved Auctions/Trades to a separate menu option.

– Fixed several Solo Challenge exploits


– Fixed an issue where theHail Mary formation in a custom playbook had a blank play that resulted in a broken formation and invisible players if selected.


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