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Madden NFL 13: How to have your Safety return kicks

Ever see a Free Safety or Strong Safety returning kicks in the real NFL and wanted to mimic it in the game? For instance a good example of this is Tom Zbikowski, SS for the Indianapolis Colts. In real life he is the Colts kick returner but in Madden 13 you can not put him in this position. Currently SS (and other player positions mind you) are not  among a option to return kicks, I show you how to work around this.

Before you start remember who the starting and backup Free safety are, as it’ll be important; I’ll explain later. So all you have to do and I’ll use Zbikowski in this case is go to edit player and change his position to Free Safety (FS) he’ll then start to appear in the Kick Return section as an option, move him to KR #1 and wallah Zbikowski is now your starting kick returner. Now, you have to remember doing this will put him in the FS position also and he may very well be your starting FS too — which is not what you want, so what you do is as explained earlier remembering who your starters and backups are in that position  and put them back where they belong while placing Zbikowski back at the starting SS position. That way everyone is back in their original positions all the while being able to utilize Zbikowski in the return game. Of course this applies to all 32 teams.

This is mainly for Exhibition play but can work in other modes too.

Side Note* I tried the same for Tight Ends but because EA doesn’t allow Wide Receivers (don’t know why) to play Tight End it doesn’t work the same in that scenario. And if you try to move him to FB (fullback) you can’t use your tight end in sub packages or use him as wide receiver.

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