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Madden NFL 13: How to boost or lower player attributes that were stripped away

If you like to do your own rosters like me or you like to make tweaks from time to time here’s a tip on how to boost or lower players attributes that were stripped away.

If you’ve consistently played or purchased Madden throughout the years and have gone “under the hood”  (no pun) you probably noticed Madden 13 has taken away certain attributes for certain positions, (which I believe started in ’12) probably to reflect the more “relative attributes” — most likely brought on by the gaming community.

For example a QB what is deemed relative to the position is accuracy, more specifically short, medium and deep ball accuracy,  arm strength and awareness. So  now things like catching and jumping have been removed for the QB position. Problem with that is what if there is a QB that can catch as good as a Wide Receiver or jump higher than a Cornerback? You ultimately handicap said QB and typecast him as typical QB that cannot catch or jump.

Fortunately I found a work around to give certain attributes to certain positions that’s missing. A player that stands out to me is Dwight Freeney, We all know as far as pass rushing moves he has the best spin move in the NFL so I wanted to give him 99 spin move which is now locked out for Defensive Ends and Linebackers; now only reserved for the offensive side of the ball.

So this is what I did:

The attributes are still there but they are “hidden” so to speak; I’ll use Freeney in this example.

  • Go to Dwight Freeney hit X (PS3) A (Xbox 360)
  • Go to Edit player Hit X or A , ‘Player Info’ should be the default screen your looking at if not go to it
  • Scroll down to Position and change the position to RB or QB
  • Hit R1 or L1 (PS3) LB or RB (Xbox 360) until you get to ‘Rating’
  • Scroll down to ‘Spin Move’ change it to your desired rating
  • Change player back to his normal position
  • Press start and select ‘keep player without saving’

Note* You must save the game manually for changes to really stick.

So there you have it and you can do that with any player, of course you have to find the corresponding attribute and change the player your targeting to that position. So if you have a QB that can tackle change him to a defensive position and then make your changes.

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