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Madden NFL 13: How to add player on a team with salary cap issues

In playing Madden 13 I ran into a issue where I tried to add a player to a team via free agency and was greeted with a message that said “Signing Player would result in the team exceeding the  salary cap”.

I’m very into realism and simulation so this is not how to just sign all these free agents you wouldn’t be able to in real-life, on the contrary it using a work around to defeat the issue that Madden 13 doesn’t simulate, which is the restructuring of players contracts or the unrealism of some of these “high priced” free agents that still have the worth of the contract they were released from. Everybody that’s a true football fan knows if  a player gets cut or comes out of retirement the contract they once held is null and void in other words the negotiation process starts fresh and more times than not said player will make much less. Now of course all this varies from player to player and situation to situation like  Nnamdi Asomugha a few years back who was a free agent actually commanded more than what he was making on his previous team but he could command so because he was the best Cornerback in the league at the time.

So here’s how to lower the set price for a player:

I’ll use Terrell Owens in this example but of course this applies to any player or team in the situation. I tried to sign T.O. to the Washington Redskins then the aforementioned message popped up so what you do is:

  • Go to Manage Players
  • Hold R2 or RT depending on what console you play on set it to ‘WR’ then hold L2 or LT and set it to ‘All NFL’.
  • Scroll Down until you see Terrell Owens hit ‘Edit Player’ he’s currently worth 3.76 a year for 3 years
  • Go to ‘Rating’
  • Turn down his strength, agility, speed, acceleration, and awareness down to zero (Remember the numbers he was originally at as you’ll turn it back up later)
  • Now Go to ‘Sign Free Agents’ and you should see Terrell Owens under ‘WR’ category at the very bottom he is now worth 850k for one year
  • Now you can sign him to the Redskins  — just remember to bring his ratings back up

If this doesn’t work look for players on the team that don’t belong i.e.was cut or do the same process for players currently on the team — effectively restructuring their contracts. You can use ‘Team Breakdown’ to help you figure out how much money you need to free up — it may take some experimenting.

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