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inFamous 3 to make an appearance at this years Spike VGA’s?

On the heels of is this generation over is it not, with the Spike VGA’s on the way there seems to be some rumors boiling about Sony’s next PS3 exclusive title — inFamous 3 (man we’re up to three already?).

HipHopGamer is reporting and I quote “I can actually confirm that inFamous 3 is coming” and says that Sucker Punch will indeed announce inFamous 3 sometime soon and is suggesting (this is where the rumor lies) this soon refers to a possible appearance at this years Spike VGA (Live, Friday December 7, 2012 9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT). The appearance may be in the form of a World Premiere Trailer or Teaser Trailer of some sort.

What he knows so far:  inFamous 3 will be Bigger and Better regarding not just environments but length of story with a lot more gameplay and a lot more detail.  It will feature waaaay more environment destruction (think Battlefield 3 level of destruction) and a lot more detail within the character, the universe and lighting. Speaking of featured a new feature rumored is you maybe able to play as another character, using guns; throwing grenades; essentially playing as a regular person instead of a super powerful hero. Also you may have the ability to customize your weapons and your own way of fighting — combining weapons to make your own weapon  (think Dead Rising).

Here’s HipHopGamer’s video on the details of infamous 3:

Remember gamers this is just a rumor. Do you think inFamous 3 will make an appearance at this years Spike VGA? CCU wants to hear from you.

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