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I’m Getting More And More Excited About The Order: 1886

After Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia recently released a decently detailed summary translated by DualShockers involving studio Ready at Dawn’s (God of War: Chains of Olympus, God of War: Ghost of Sparta) upcoming PS4 exclusive ‘The Order: 1886’, entailing some new info about the backstory I smiled inside. The more and more I hear about this game the more interested and excited I get. This game looks to be Epic! Like it could be special.

When The Order was first shown at this past E3 I really didn’t understand what I was looking at, yeah it was obvious this would take place in not so modern times but there was very little detail otherwise. The game did however stand out because of its “big game” feel or what Us gamers like to call “Triple A” spurred on by the direction of the trailer and quality of graphics. Interesting? Yes, Sold? No.

However after watching the trailer several more times and some post conference interviews; revealing more details. Although not confirmed everything points to the enemy being werewolves. Now if you don’t know I’m a huuuge werewolf fan, so it’s safe to say that the game for me just got waaay more interesting.

And the setup was perfect: Showing three men  and a woman being transported  by a Coachman via horse carriage through a town that has that classic London gloom as a backdrop. As they were strolling along all of sudden it got very eery, with the horses running into a fog (again classic London) and coming to a complete stop. After the Coachman reassures the passengers that everything is fine quietness is interrupted by a violent noise, rocking the carriage with said Coachman vanishing into thin air with only a trace of the hat he wore.  Stepping out the carriage the group encounters an unknown entity of a beastly form that have them surrounded, that’s when the weapons come out.

And that’s also when the trailer took a weird turn; leaving questions to be answered, like why are they toting modern-like — no forget that, futuristic weaponry? In a era mind you that previously mentioned is not so futuristic. That  threw me off  a bit — and at the time the vibe of the game and the selling of a believable time period too. No matter,  “I won’t condemn it just yet”, I said to myself. It has to be a perfectly great explanation for this right?

Then came the perfectly great explanation, ahhh, the industrial revolution, yes, the graduation from hand production to the use of machines.  [Paraphrasing] “So even though the weapons didn’t exactly exist in those times it could have”  “we took liberties” says Ready at Dawn. I’ll take that.

I also now know that “The Order” doesn’t represent a King’s “Order” but rather that’s the dubbed name of the clique shown in the trailer– a group of Knights (A special group of knights) with the goal to save humanity from half-breeds (half man, half beast). I like the name “The Order” too sounds powerful and has a nice ring to it. Not to mention the name giving credence to their mission; as in maintaining order or restoring order (nice!).

Knights killing werewolves I’m IN!

Bottom line; this game has a tremendously beautiful backstory all I need now is to see some gameplay, if the gameplay matches the quality of the backstory, story and graphics then I’m sold! And when I’m sold I buy!

I’ll leave you with The Order: 1886  E3 trailer just in case you missed it:

Excited for The Order: 1886 too? CCU wants to hear from you.

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