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Homefront Update Released On PSN, DLC Map Pack Dated

by Matt Helgeson

THQ’s continuing to support its first-person shooter Homefront. Today, the company announced that its releasing a new update on PlayStation Network that will fix a number of stability and connectivity issues, plus give gamers a new pack of abilities. This update had already been released on Xbox Live, but was delayed for PS3 because of the PSN network outage.

Here is the summary released by THQ:

Ability Pack:
–          Ice Cold: Invisible on thermal views and airstrike sensors
–          Situational Awareness: Enemy name appears when shot
–          EMP Tactician: Deal more damage vs EMP’d vehicles
–          Short Fuse: Reduced cook time on frag grenades
–          Bomb Suit: Take less damage from explosives

Improvements to:
–          Crashes
–          Rank Resets
–          Online stability
–          Rendering optimizations & improvements
–          Online connectivity

THQ also revealed that the first DLC for Homefront — the “Fire Sale” map pack — will be released on August 2 and 3 in all Sony territories. No word on how much it will cost or how many maps it will include.

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