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Homefront ‘Resistance’ Trailer Talks of a New American Revolution

by Xav de Matos

In a new trailer for the upcoming shooter Homefront, images of an invaded United States flicker as a disembodied voice details the forthcoming revolution to liberate the nation.

The plan for liberation is fairly simple: destroy everything that isn’t “Made in America.” The reward for enlisting–or pre-ordering–into the Homefront battle on PC? A free copy of the fantastic, “not so Made in America” shooter Metro 2033 on Steam or Direct2Drive.

Homefront is currently in development at Kaos Studios for the Xbox 360 and PS3. A PC version is also in the works from developer Digital Extremes. Homefront was recently delayed by one week to March 15.

For more coverage, make sure to read our detailed single-player and multiplayer preview features. Also check out our interviews with multiplayer designer Brian Holinka from Kaos Studios and THQ Core Games boss Danny Bilson.

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  1. Home front is looking good!

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