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Halo remake

Halo fans get excited. The original Halo, The game that set First person gaming ablaze,Halo: Combat Evolved will in fact get a remake on the Xbox 360 and will launch this holiday season. Sources report it will have a full “visual” overhaul which leads to believe this is not just a “HD” remake,however¬†the audio will likely be untouched.

Halo: Combat Evolved remake is allegedly being developed by Saber Interactive the creators of Time Shift and Namco’s upcoming Inversion, There’s was a rumor stating that the game will run on the Halo Reach engine but it’s unknown what engine their going to actually use.

As far as features go, it’s expected to support 1080p and 3D. Details on multiplayer are sketchy but it is said to support online multiplayer, which is a step up from the original which supported ¬†only split-screen co-op.

The game is expected to be released November 15, 2011 I’m sure with the guidance of 343 studios(the team that took over of the Halo franchise originally created by Bungie studios)on the 10 year anniversary of the launch of the original Halo for the original Xbox.

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