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God of War: Ascension – Exclusive footage tonight, this is what I hope to see

I recently released some news that Geoff Keighley will be headed down to Sony Santa Monica Studios to cover exclusive footage of God of War: Ascension, which actually happens tonight you can read all about it here including the channel and time you can catch it.

It seems lately the guys down at Sony Santa Monica chose to focus most of their attention and reveals on Multiplayer at the last few major events — rightfully so because a lot of people are skeptical on how exactly does multiplayer fit in a God of War universe…”Is it a poor attempt to get with the times?” “Is it just a tacked-on add-on?” Gamers wanted to know, even to go as far as to say “Multiplayer doesn’t belong in God of War” and any attempt to do so feels forced.

Most likely (Sony) getting feedback and knowing this; the developers seemingly decided to really focus on calming everyone’s fears on their new direction and surprisingly, surprised a lot of gamers. I think most who have gotten their hands on the game like what they saw and are actually warming up to the idea of God of War having multiplayer. So Sony I get it, you chose to focus on the aspect of the game that gamers had the least faith in. Mission Accomplished — for now.

But now as Geoff takes this trip down to you guys I think it’s time to focus on some serious single player aspects of the game — which it is first and foremost. And although going multiplayer is your newest and  most risk taking aspect , Single player raises a lot of questions too. Like how the game will present itself– a prequel mind you showcasing a Kratos before he turned into a bitter, angry demi-god.

Here’s some things I hope to see (or not to see) tonight:

What I want to see

A main focus on Singleplayer – . Matter of fact, just have a complete focus on SP;  I’ll be more than happy as I feel they spent the last number of outings just focusing on Multiplayer with Comic-Con being the most recent.

New Single Player gameplay – Not only do I want them to completely focus on single player, but on single player gameplay and not just single player gameplay, but NEW single player gameplay. Yeah Sony teased us with it at E3 but some new never before seen footage is what I want to see.

Specifically I want to see the “human” side of Kratos. This would be huge, why? Because they never fully tackled this aspect before in the franchise and it breeds curiosity. The demo shown at E3 wasn’t sufficient enough, it looked like more of the same. I wrote an article on how gameplay and presentation would evolve and if gamers were ready for that calling him a kinder, gentler Kratos (figure of speech). Maybe finally and hopefully we can get some footage of him running around minus the ‘ghost’ ashes and the iconic ‘blades of khaos’ — in his regular toned skin and in his right mind — that could get real interesting.

New Story Elements – Apart from the new gameplay give us some more backstory, Yeah we know this game will ultimately lead up to God of War (1)  and at the point when he sold his soul to Ares but how about some more detail like will we get to meet his family, (and not in spirit form) will we learn the personalities of his wife and daughter and why he loved them so much, will we get to play as Kratos; lead the Spartan Army on those epic battles you’ve shown through cutscenes and learn about some of the soldiers and why Sparta was at war  in the first place — Even the actual war where he needed Ares and had no choice but to sell his soul. I sure hope so.

What I don’t want to see

A whole episode dedicated to Multiplayer – Since it is not guaranteed Sony we’ll just concede to singleplayer, what would be worse than seeing a lack of focus on singleplayer? No focus on single player. We’ve seen enough multiplayer footage and I believe most God of War fans would agree it’s time to unleash (visually)what Kratos is up to.

No more! Atleast for now 🙂

What do you want to see tonight from Kratos’ latest adventure? More Multiplayer? A focus on Singleplayer? CCU wants to hear from you.




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