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God of War 4 in development? Better Graphics,3D,and Co-op?:Do we want Co-op?

3D cool, better graphics oh yeah, but co-op I’m not sure. Co-op in God of War 4 almost doesn’t sound right, God of War of 4 by the way has a nice ring to it, go ahead say it now I’ll wait….GOD OF WAR FOUR!!! sounds so beautiful  don’t we agree? Anyway Hiphopgamer from the reported that he heard rumblings of God of War 4 being in development and it is set to feature better graphics 3D and possible co-op.

Like I  mentioned earlier I’m all for the 2 formers but the latter seems odd. I’m not necessarily against the idea but when it was said it hit me a certain kind of way, like something didn’t sit right. Kratos if he’s indeed coming back  (I’m sure he will though he’s to great of a character) doesn’t strike me as a person to go into battle with someone. His personality doesn’t promote that, although he did accomplish his goal in God of War 3 so we’ll see if he gets a personality overhaul. But still I  like the God of War series as a single player experience and adding co-op may tinker with the overall ‘epic’ feel of the game. But hey if  Sony Santa Monica Studios wants to try their hand at co-op (which right now as it stands I’m against) and could some how some way pull it off…and by the way IT IS Sony Santa Monica so the game is in good hands so if anybody could pull it off they can, I’ll keep and open mind.

But please let me not bury the big announcement over my feelings of co-op, because if God of War 4 is indeed in development gamers all around the world should be excited and enjoy this moment. But let me ask, Do you like the idea of co-op posssibly being introduced in the God of War series? Leave your comments.

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  1. I agree with you, I can’t see a GOW game being co-op either. Won’t stop me from getting the game though.

  2. NO CO-OP!! Why add something to this series that actually might change the dynamics? Kratos is straight anti-social and needs anger management, if you add a co-op then that would mean he got an attitude adjustment and that would ruin the whole thing LOL!!

    • like i spoke about in the article he did accomplish his goal in GOW3 so dat may b the natural transition for him, to calm down i mean, now will he? or will he jus find something else to get angry at? lmbo

      • it’s no fun if Kratos isn’t angry…PERIOD!! The whole essence of the game is revenge and all that, now he’s gonna be picking flowers? lol. What would he be fighting anyway? He destroyed Olympus, killed all the Gods so now what would he do?

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