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Ghost Recon: Wildlands: Beta Impressions


Disclaimer (Admin): I know this write up is late, (i’m sure the game has launched already by now) but still decided to post it because it may help someone…now on to the article.

So, after while of speculation and guesswork, the time has finally come for Ubisoft to show, rather than tell. I had the distinct pleasure of teaming up with a few friends and traversing the terrain of Bolivia in this 3rd person shooter. I was immediately taken by the beauty of the landscape of the first territory you are placed in, it is eye catching with the beautiful browns, greens, valleys, and hills. There is a deep feeling of “Go anywhere, Do anything” that only an open world game can provide.


While I did enjoy the vastness of the game, seemingly larger than even Grand Theft Auto V’s map, I did find myself becoming a bit let down in the actual¬†gameplay. Though playing with my friends and having our first, of many, synchronized shots, was a blast and very nearly sold me right then and there, I did find myself becoming worried that the game would become deeply predictable.

During my time exploring the beta, I had a grand time exploring the region, trying not to get shot by the cartel members, trying not to fall off a cliff, and generally having a great time traversing the terrain. The area in which you first start the beta is a perfect spot to learn how to move and wreak havoc in this fictional bolivia. While I did have a great time running around blowing up things and generally causing mayhem to an illegitimate government, I did find myself growing a bit worried about the final product.

Ubisoft isn’t breaking new ground with the gameplay in this 3rd person shooter. Aside from some weird driving and flying mechanics, this felt like any other action 3rd person shooter, which is a good thing, because Ghost Recon essentially drops you into the thick of it immediately. As you come to learn the mechanics of the game and how to get back into the groove of tactical shooters (I know I died at least 5 times before I remembered that this isn’t COD, or Battlefield 1), you go on missions that at times feel disjointed, and other times have an air of importance.

In one of the many side missions, you are tasked with stealing a helicopter. After the first few times, getting the tactics down on how you are going to pull off the heist, or taking down this camp so you can get the objective, you touch down in the LZ and are rewarded with experience points but now much else. Granted, every side missions doesn’t need to have its own lore or any truly impactful ending, but it would only help flesh out this large world if the side missions lead to certain key points in the story, or had their own endings.

Speaking of missions, the story itself, the amount that I was able to play in the beta, feels like a thin skinned excuse to run and gun in a “foreign” country. For a story that pushes the idea that you are an elite team of warriors, charged with taking down a drug cartel that had enough power and influence to take over a country, you rarely feel like you are actually making a difference. Every time you free the rebels you are rewarded with a distraction that allows you to more freely take down a village of enemies, afterward you don’t see any actual ramifications of your actions. This is a mission in which a coup is happening against a militaristic occupation of a sovereign nation, you would think that there would be more fighting in the streets and that sides would be drawn pretty heavily.


We shall fight on the beaches… we shall fight in the fields and in the streets we shall never surrender!

What I would have hoped that the game, and Ubisoft in general, to do is to slow it down. Ubisoft consistently has some of the more interesting worlds and lore to play around in, yet title after title, the story, or the gameplay always bogs down what could have been a great game. Ubisoft is the company of “almost” great games. I only hope that people, who share my love/hate relationship with Ubisoft, speak up and let their voices be heard.

Overall I did find myself enjoying the game, however, I reserve my judgment after watching the full gameplay on Twitch or YouTus, as I have not been completely sold on the game. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below, as always this is PattycNyc, see ya later!

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below, as always this is PattycNyc, see ya later!

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