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Ghost of Tsushima : About To Get ‘The Order 1886’ Treatment?

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E3 2018 is among us and the understanding is that we will get some long anticipated gameplay from Sucker Punch’s (inFamous franchise) newest IP Ghost Of Tsushima. This game looks to have potential classic written all over it. A Triple A 3rd person action/stealth game about samurai culture with history —  a game I’ve been dreaming to play  for awhile now mind you…well…a Triple A 3rd person action/stealth game about ninja culture with history would be a more accurate statement, but close enough 😂.

But I do have one concern.

Actually was wondering why someone never grabbed the baton for this particular genre way earlier. It’s a wide open untapped lane and now SP has that lane. Not only is Ghost Of Tsushima in a lane all by it self it could become a mainstay franchise for years to come, but I digress.

To be clear this is not a slight at The Order 1886 as a game, in fact I actually think its a borderline classic ( still waiting for the sequel) but much of the comparison and what I’m most concerned with comes from what I see in the art direction SP is taking that rings similar to Ready at Dawn’s game. I hope not though.

I’m talking about those wretched black bars!  Also known as letterboxing — the dreaded 2:35:1 aspect ratio if you will. As I watched this phenomenally beautiful trailer again, it hit me “is that how the games’ going to play too???… Nooooooo!” I said to myself,  which in turn made me come to realization that The Order 1886 is potentially helping to perpetuate an unwanted trend  in this modern day video game era as we know it. ( See Evil Within before patch) Introducing the industry to a concept of making video games with the black bars on top and bottom as a option, ugh.

Shoo, I’m still holding out hope Ready At Dawn or Sony after all this time releases a full screen patch. I don’t even know why black bars exist period — in any media . I still don’t like it when they do it in movies and I definitely don’t want it in my video games for obvious reasons, robbing me of screen real estate space, the nerve! 😊

Now I will point out  although the presentation of the trailer could mean nothing to the core gameplay (it was just a trailer right? ) but having black bars on the top and bottom of your trailer is not a good sign, a clear indicator that gameplay could follow suit. And even if it doesn’t I still wouldn’t be thrilled if it just was in cut scenes neither. 

Look if the tone, theme, and graphics is anything to go off of I’m pretty sure SP will deliver a phenomenal experience. Just leave off those black bars okay?  Not a fan. As I said earlier it robs you of screen real estate space not to mention it hurts immersion a bit.

Worse case scenario if this is in fact true I’m hoping for a option to toggle it on or off.

Thoughts? CCU wants to hear from you.


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